Looking for something new to read? Our XOXperts have you covered! Three of our stellar members read and reviewed three hot novels to help make your #tbr selection a little bit easier! Check out their thoughts below, and don’t forget to visit their blogs for more great reviews! 


When We Meet Again by Kristin Harmel (review by Brandi H.) 

A must read for those who enjoy an emotionally stimulating book that you can easily get lost in. This piece of present day/historical fiction is amazing! First of all: this is a crying book. Don’t get me wrong – it’s amazing. I will read it again when it’s not still so strong in my mind/heart. When you read it, make sure you will not be around people who will judge your tears and that you have an adequate supply of tissues near by. I will say that my face was still puffy from the crying when I went to work the next day. I work at a public library so everyone instantly understood when I said I had been crying over fictional characters who changed my heart with their story.

This new novel, When we Meet Again by Kristin Harmel, takes us on a journey told from two perspectives: a woman in present time and a young male German soldier who is a POW in Florida in 1944. We begin in present day with a woman whose life doesn’t seem to be going as she had planned. Emily Emerson is having a tough time. She has recently been laid off from her job as a journalist and is lost as to what she should do next when she receives a package in the mail with a mystery attached. That mystery begins to reveal itself when the story takes you back in time by 70 years.

Back in 1944 we meet Peter Dahler. Peter is a POW in Florida. He is a young, handsome soldier for the German army that was captured during the war and is now working on a sugarcane farm. He’s happy to be there. Happy may be the wrong word, but he’s glad he’s no longer fighting a war he doesn’t believe in. Now let me say, I paid attention during history class, I promise. However, I never knew there were German POW camps in the United States during WWII. I did not know. On this farm, Peter meets a young, attractive woman who he is instantly drawn to. She’s strong willed and works hard for her family. We can all see where this is going, right?

In the mean time, Emily is in a tailspin of self discovery. She lost her mother as a teen and recently her beloved grandmother has passed away. Now her absentee father is trying to make inroads back into her life…and it seems if she is going to solve the mystery of the painting she’ll need his help. But therein lies one of the problems. Mr. Emerson never knew his father. He never even knew the name of his father. He was raised by a single mother and believed he and his mother were abandoned.

Will Emily find who sent the painting? Will we find out more about Peter – and is he Emily’s grandfather?
Like many stories, this one is wrought with tragedy of time and circumstance. Jealousy and vindictiveness. Love and loss. Harmel weaves a story that will leave you wanting more.

When We Meet Again is available on June 7th from Gallery Books. 

sour-grapes-9781476792903_hrSour Grapes by Rachel Goodman (review by Laurie O.

Sour Grapes is a fabulous book with which to kick off the Summer reading season.  I dove into this book and didn’t put it down until I was finished.  It is a story about a woman who needed a time out from her life and its expectations, and then discovers what she really wants out of it.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Margaret Stokes at first. Though I loved her snark, I couldn’t see any softness in the least. BUT – As this book progressed, it became clear why. Not only do we get to learn Margaret, but we are allowed to witness her reinvention. Along the way we get to see Margaret rechannel that snark and put that energy into something amazing.  And find ROMANCE.

Ryan Camden is every single bit the enigma.  From their first scene, it is clear that he and Margaret have met their respective matches. Ryan is the stuff of sweet fantasies – gorgeous, works outdoors and with his hands. Oh and he has an endless supply of wine.

Sour Grapes has a fantastic supporting cast. Rachel Goodman constantly surprised me with which direction they go. Totally kept me on my toes – LOVED IT!!

What I also enjoyed about Sour Grapes was its setting – a wonderful small town in the Texas Hill Country, where they are all about their wine and all the best in supporting their community. It is the polar opposite of Margaret’s hometown of Dallas and it opens her eyes to all manner of possibilities!

Seriously – one-click this book and pair it with your favorite vintage and cheese plate, then enjoy it in your favorite reading spot.

Laurie’s Rating: 4 STARS

PS – I now need to check out the first book in the Blue Plate Series – From Scratch!!

Sour Grapes is now available from Pocket Star. 


at-the-edge-9781501130953_hrAt the Edge by Laura Griffin (review by Jacqueline R.

At the Edge is the first book in the Alpha Crew series. I didn’t have any expectations for this book and every once in a while I like reading action packed books. At the Edge is a fast paced, addictive read. There’s a damsel in distress heroine, an alpha male hero and plenty of surprises along the way to bring a smile to your face.
Emma’s plane goes down and she’s still in the middle of the jungle. I really liked the way the book started. I have this crazy love for heroines getting trapped somewhere far away. I feel like anything can happen.  Everyone on the private plan is dead and Emma needs to find help.
Ryan is a SEAL, he’s strong, fast and his mission is to rescue any survivors from the plane crash. He has intel on Emma and she’s at the top of his rescue list. Don’t even get me started on Ryan, gah, all the muscles and all the testosterone, it makes me want to fan myself.
I liked how Ryan kind of had a background on Emma prior to rescuing her. He was already fascinated by her but when he finally met her, it was like boom. I love it when Emma and Ryan meet. Emma is crazy and all out of sorts being out in the wild for over twenty four hours.  It’s really adorable and cute how Ryan tries to comfort Emma, but at the same time is on the lookout.
The book progresses and we realize Emma isn’t safe. As Emma continues to question the plane crash, someone doesn’t want Emma to find the truth. Emma has no one to turn to, except for Ryan. Ryan battles with his inner emotions, knowing he shouldn’t start anything with her, but his attraction towards her is undeniable.
The tension between Emma and Ryan was good, it was just enough to keep you on your toes, but it wasn’t drawn out where it frustrated me. I really liked the banter between the two.
The thing I really liked about this book is that it was fast paced and short. I know it’s a two part series, but it ended on a high note in my opinion.
At the Edge is now available from Pocket Star.