Welcome to the “Re-Catch” Season Finale!!!  The Happy Couple (episode 9) and The Wedding (episode 10) were put together, like peanut butter and chocolate, to make a mouthwatering conclusion.  Without further ado:  here are the “Cliffs Notes” (does it date me to say that or are we all still using them!??! This saved me in high school) with a smattering of snark and a heaping of hashtags.


We begin where we left off, mid-scene with Agent Dao and Ben in Alice’s living room.  Ben has just said, “I choose you.”  Alice looks Bulleitless than pleased.  Dao says Ben’s now a CI, Ben says Rhys is onto Alice, and Alice grabs a truly lovely bottle of Bulleit bourbon (I know just how lovely because I’m a bourbon drinker).


Alice says if Ben does what Rhys says then she’ll be safe. Ben agrees.  Dao and Alice argue about Ben’s jailtime in exchange for all.  In the midst of this Ben gets a text from Rhys and leaves to keep his cover.  He shows up to the restaurant to find Margot there, then Rhys, everyone confused about who texted them.  ENTER MUMMY!  Mummy arrives, resplendent in red, to have a “family meal” and talk about the business.  This is the FAB actress Lesley Nicol, “Mrs. Patmore” of Downton Abbey fame. She arrives with her security detail, Jamison, and they all sit down to lunch.  This turns into a delightful Mummy/Daughter war of words about what position Margot should have inherited and why she has “stolen” Leah, all of which culminates with Mummy saying “You will give me what’s mine or I will take her from you” and Margot replying, “You will give me what’s mine or I will take it from you.” Hm.  It’s clear the women have all the power here.  Margot leaves and Ben is forced to stay.  Mummy isn’t thrown at all…it seems she’s just getting started.

Mrs Patmore



Gordon, Val’s ex, is negotiating terms with Dao.  Alice and Val talk outside.  It’s clear from Val’s coy looks that she and Dao are now an item.  Apparently she and Gordon are cool, but Val gets all blushy around Dao.  Alice wants the deets.  Gordon turns out to be the rockstar here.  In no uncertain terms he tells Alice that if Ben brings down the Kensington firm he’ll be granted immunity, but that Gordon would rather “put him away for life.”  He’s on Alice’s team, unwaveringly, no matter what’s gone on with him and Val.  “How do you know he won’t do this to you again?” he asks.

Pondering this, Alice looks over some old pictures from the case, including pictures of The Princess in all her fabulous jewels.



Cut to: Alice and Margot in a therapy session.  Margot leans over to get her glasses and Alice sees her wearing one of the Princess’s fancy diamond necklaces!  She begins to put two and two together.

Alice brings the info to Dao and Ben.  Ben says it’s his responsibility, but Alice wants to take Margot down.



“Not by yourself you’re not,” she says as Alice begins an investigation at AVI.

“You sure?” Alice asks.

“This bitch is going down,” Val replies.

**Blogger’s note:  you know how people look hotter after they’ve started having good sex?  I don’t know if this was intentional, but Val, who we know is currently heating up the sheets with #iheartagentdao suddenly looks hotter than ever.  If this was intentional, I am even more in love with #shondaland than I was before.

bonus Jackie Ido!
bonus Jackie Ido!



Ben and Reggie hash it out.  “What is going on?” Reggie asks after Ben mentions that Mummy (Sybill) is in town.  “The family is going down,” Ben says, “and I’m trying to keep you out of it.”

Reggie, who I have come to simply ADORE, runs to Margot to tell her all.  He wants them all to join against Rhys and Sybill.  But Margot has another plan. She wants out, and has agreed to a 50/50 split with Leah Wells.  Re-enter awesome actress Nia Vardalos (and her dog, Paul McCartney) who wants a real partnership with Margot.  Once again, it’s the women who are in power here, and the men are relegated to being good looking cogs in their wheels.  #thankyoushonda

Leah Wells brings up a good point.  She knows all there is to know about counterfeiting cons.  She vies for a full partnership…and one for Reggie too.  A party of three never looked so good!




Meanwhile Sybill has a new job for Rhys and Ben.  There’s a high profile wedding she wants them to get invited to.  “But what’s the con?” Ben asks.  “If you get invitations,” Sybill says snarkily, “I’ll let you know.”

Ben finds his way to the tux shop where the groom is getting fitted.  He’s in a bespoke tux (who knows how they figured this out) and the groom wants one just like it BY SATURDAY.  Ben uses his considerable influence with the tailor to make it happen and weasel his way into the groom’s graces.

But LO!  There’s another covert plan!  They’ve gotten the rehearsal dinner space cancelled due to a “rat infestation” and as the groom, Morgan, complains about this, Ben calls Rhys and gets the bride and groom a tasting at The Weatherby hotel (which Rhys now owns).



Have figured out how Margot threatened Val’s real therapist in order to get to “talk” to Alice, but they can’t find anything else on Margot.  Then Alice has an epiphany: she can get to her just by scheduling an appointment.

This is a very fun scene.  Alice holds the ace card… gets to completely intimidate Margot in the guise of a therapy session.  She says all sorts of awful things to Margot about fake things Ben has said to her, and drops a “bug” in her bag in the process.  Margot looks totally thrown off.  It’s a delightful turn of the tables.

Then Alice leaves to join Sophie and Danny in a surveillance van nearby.  I don’t know if you’re with me here, but when there is a surveillance van involved my whole soul screams, “BOO YAH!”




Ben and Rhys meet with the couple at the Weatherby.  The couple loves it, but have to defer to their mother, the one who is footing the bill.  They mistake Ben and Rhys for a gay couple and Rhys decides to use it, saying he and Ben have been together for 15 years.  Somehow through this ruse Rhys gets the couple to call off the wedding, as he mistakenly convinces them they’d be happy just being together like Ben and Rhys are.



Leah shows Reggie how to do the counterfeiting.  They seem to be getting awfully close.  Margot walks in in a huff about Alice calling her repulsive for 50 minutes.  “Oh, sweetie,” Leah says with a laugh, “you’ve been made.”  Margot finds the bug in her bag, and they all hightail it out of there.

Our villains are trying to find the quickest black market routes to sell Leah’s counterfeit millions.  Alice and AVI are trying to monitor all of LA’s currency exchanges.  They are racing each other to the punch.



Ben and Rhys have to come back to Sybill empty handed.  But she is otherwise occupied.  She gets a man she’s holding prisoner to give her a code she’s asked for by showing him footage of his sons.  Then she has him shot point blank.  Ben and Rhys decide to lie and say they’ve got wedding invitations.

Ben goes to Alice and Dao and tells all. Alice tells Ben that the only way to save himself is to convince the couple that they want marriage.  “Like you do, Ben,” she says with a mischievous grin.



Intercut scenes: Ben with the groom, Rhys with the bride.  They simultaneously tell the bride and groom that Ben had proposed and Rhys had refused.  This is a charming series of scenes.  They get the bride and groom to convince them that marriage is important ending with Rhys proposing to Ben and the wedding back on.  AND invitations for Ben and Rhys to boot.  WHEW.




…Hunt down our villains and intercept a bank transaction.  They’re all undercover.   Danny is dressed as a security guard, Sophie speaks perfect Italian as a concierge of sorts (RAD) to Margot who also speaks Italian and is using it as part of her cover (ALSO RAD).  How did they know Margot would be speaking Italian or that they’d need that? This is one of many plot points where one should just do a shot of Bulleit and enjoy the eye candy.

Reggie takes Leah’s dog out of the limo.  He sees #hotasrocks Agent Shawn running across the street (allow me to refresh your memory with a lovely pic that should be titled “#eyecandy”). He alerts Margot who makes a run for it.  Alice hunts her down in an alley where Margot pulls a gun on Alice and Val pulls a gun on Margot.  Chicks with guns.  Exponentially rad!



Margot is in prison.  Ben is sent in to negotiate with her.  She talks to Ben but it’s really for Alice’s benefit.  It’s quite sinister.  “She has no idea who you are…or that you’ll betray her again…because that’s what you’re really in love with.” Alice watches in horror, Agent Dao watches Alice with compassion.

Ben leaves to go to Alice but she has already left the building.

Alice at home with Val: how can she ever trust Ben again?  “You and Ben, me and Dao,” Val says.  “We don’t know.  But we give it a try.”  Then Ben calls.

“We are going to get through this,” he says.



Mummy (Sybill) breaks Margot out of prison!  Of course Sybill has contacts in the FBI.  When Ben shows up and sees Margot, Sybill says, perfectly confident, that Ben will continue to do what she needs.  Why?  Because they’ve got Alice as collateral.

Cut to Alice getting out of the shower, Rhys waiting for her with a gun.  Using Facetime or the like they show Ben they’ve got her and use that to get his “full cooperation.”



Dao and Val are worried about Alice.  Where is she?  Well, Rhys is playing dress up, making her put on hot makeup and a hotter dress.  The phone rings, he forces her to convince Val all is ok.  Then he chooses a bag—making sure she doesn’t take her work bag—and makes her go out with him.

The team catches on.  Ben is sent on an errand and makes a side trip to Alice’s apartment just as the team shows up.  How do they find her?



Rhys and Alice sitting across from each other in a park.  She does look FIERCE.  Rhys confesses he’s worried about Ben’s life.  He asks her to stay out of the way, and says he’ll ensure that she and Ben can run off into the sunset together.  But she turns the tables.  Literally.  She’s holding a gun under the table, from the “nice bag”.   Hopefully this means she has a gun in every bag.  She offers him a deal…to walk away, and keep his erection, or…not.  “I’m the one in control,” she says.  “Not you, not Ben.  And your family can’t make me go away.”  He takes the deal and leaves.



Intercut scenes:  Ben talking to Dao about the real con, Alice requesting to be in on it. The mother of the groom is Virginia Foster, a shipping magnate, and Sybill is after her trade routes.  Leah and Reggie are working together now for Sybill, making money by the bucketfull.  Sybill gets the wedding planners to quit so suddenly Ben and Rhys are IN.  Ben gets Alice and Val invites to the wedding as well, as per Alice’s request.  Alice openly kisses him in front of the whole staff of AVI.



The Wedding begins.  Rhys and Ben in bespoke tuxes.  Our heroes are in a back alley, having been given fake intel by Ben (who is still trying to keep Alice as far away as possible).  Sophie, bless her, figures out where they are and they make their way to the other venue.

Our villains are all undercover.  Sybill is undercover as a chef (nice nod to Mrs. Patmore!) and the ceremony and venue – one of Virginia Foster’s many estates – is lavish and amazing.

Rhys and Ben share some heartfelt moments when suddenly Ben turns to see… Sophie as the singer in the jazz band.  Once again, it’s moments like this when figuring out how they made their way in is secondary to fab outfits, like Sophie’s silver sequined gown.  And then the few people in his way disperse so that Ben has a clear view of Alice, resplendent in the sexiest blue dress imaginable.  “When are you going to learn,” she says, “that you can’t get away from me?”

Sexy banter is also happening between Sophie and Danny.  “I told you,” she says, “Shawn’s not really my type.”  “What is?” He asks.  “Argumentative co-workers…” They go to kiss and Shawn interrupts them, wanting to talk to Danny. Uh oh.

But as it turns out…Shawn doesn’t want anything to happen with Danny and Sophie…because HE’S GAY and has been waiting to ask Danny out.



Val and Dao, dressed to the nines are THE HOTTEST COUPLE EVER:  #hotasrocks times two!  Terrifically romantic scene.  “I think you like me,” he says to her.  “You are the worst FBI agent ever,” she replies.  ADORABLE.  And really, the costume budget on this season finale must have been through the roof!  I figure they didn’t know at the time whether or not they’d get a second season and just spent whatever was left in the bank:)



Oh LORD! FINALLY! Sophie and Danny actually kiss!  So cute so cute so cute.  Really.  So. Cute.

Back to Ben and Alice.  Ben:  “If we take down the firm and Sybill doesn’t kill me…do you still have your dress? I still have our wedding bands…”  and now they share a deep and unrestrained kiss, long lasting and very public and unfortunately caught on camera by Reggie in the midst of him being Sybill’s eyes on the floor and sending intel directly to her iPad.  OOPS. Sybill and Margot realize both Ben and Rhys have betrayed them.

Ben has blown his “gay cover” by kissing Alice.  The bride and groom see them and become confused.  But it’s time to let it all hang out.  “Morgan,” Ben says to the groom, “your mother is a gangster.”  They get Virginia Foster and go to a private room where they tell the truth about the whole con…how Sybill and her team set up and rigged Virginia’s home, how they’ve found their way into Virginia’s safe using the code of the security detail Sybill shot, how they are now replacing all of Virginia’s millions with counterfeit millions.  It’s all about Sybill taking over Virginia’s trade routes when Virginia gets taken in for counterfeiting. That’s the plan.

But before the villains can finish…Ben and Alice corner Sybill.  She warns them, she threatens Ben.  They better not f—k with her.

But as it turns out the money is gone.  It has already been taken by Margot, who is running off with the security detail, Jamison.  He doesn’t speak in this episode, but he still wins for a BONUS #hotasrocks.  Shonda is doing very well with keeping the security guys easy on the eyes.

Nick Hounslow - Jamison


Rhys got the airline tix for Alice and Ben to run away to paradise.  And he’s going with them!  Alice runs home to grab a bag, saying she’ll meet them on the plane but LO! NOT SO FAST!  She comes home to find her apartment swarming with FBI agents who have come to investigate—cue dramatic music—a stolen painting.




Alice is being questioned by Agent Clark.  “Agent Clark,” she says, “You’re asking the wrong questions.  Who called in the tip? Who has the most to gain?  That’s what I’d be asking.  But I hate to tell you how to do your job.”

Cut to:  Margot calls Ben to say, “I’m the new head of the Kensington Firm.”  She made the call about Alice.  And openly threatens Rhys.

Back at the offices of AVI, the place is being turned upside down.  “There’s nothing I can do,” says Agent Dao.  Shortly they find what they need to incriminate Alice.  They arrest her, put her in handcuffs and lead her to the elevator.

BUT WAIT!  The elevator doors open and Ben is there.  He gives himself up, takes full responsibility, and we end the season with him saying “Let her go—take me.”

Bravo, Shonda!  Lovely end to a lovely season with a number of lovely cliffhangers for season 2.

AND THAT’S A WRAP on THE RE-CATCH.  I deeply hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.  Here’s to con artists, undercover investigations on the street and in the bedroom and above all the joy of #hotasrocks. Cheers!