Raise your hand if you’re excited for the new season of The Bachelorette! After checking out Jojo’s potential one night stands life partners, let’s just say we’re lukewarm on how hot & heavy this season will be (I mean, hello, have you seen the guy that compares his body to a Lambo? AND the guy whose occupation is “hipster”? AND the erectile dysfunction expert?! No thank you, goodbye, see ya never.) Even though Bachelor Ben’s season had a lot of ups and downs, we’re suddenly feeling a little nostalgic for Ben’s hunky hunky high school boy charm, and one of our XOXperts Jacqueline R. has particular strong sentiments on how the last season went down. Check out her quickie recap on the last season below, and stay tuned for new Bachelorette recaps coming next week!


I’m obsessed with the Bachelor! I’ve been watching the show since season one and I have to say my favorite bachelor by far is BEN. It’s hard to find a good looking, sweet, charming and successful man, that’s why we read our fictional romance books right? But Ben holds all of those qualities and of course the show was fantastic with drama, emotional women and lots and lots of crying.


Before we get to JoJo, who will be our next Bachelorette, let’s talk about the girls Ben dated. First off, I need to talk about Olivia. One of the reasons why I love watching the Bachelor is because I love to watch the villain, the drama queen. Olivia didn’t make many friends, meaning she made zero, but wasn’t her rejection EPIC?! Olivia was pretty two-faced: she acted one way in the house with the girls and then when she was around Ben she was a saint.  Do you remember the part where Ben picked up the rose and took Olivia to a private place only to let her go home? I screamed at the TV because it was so awesome.


One of my favorite girls was Caila, not only because was she half Asian, but because she was always happy. I love seeing a happy person on reality TV. I loved her smile and she seemed so down to earth. It’s a shame Ben didn’t say “I LOVE YOU” to her. This is the first season where FOUR girls said “I LOVE YOU” to Ben. I would say there’s something in the water, but seriously Ben is just that great. I think I may have fallen in love with him too.


Ben had to pick between Lauren and JoJo. My honest opinion is that I didn’t mind which girl he went with. Lauren seemed a little more refined, elegant and she dressed a little classier, but on the other hand, JoJo seemed more laid-back, sexy and honest. I couldn’t believe Ben said “I Love You” to both girls.  That just gutted me because you know one of them will be broken-hearted.

I thought JoJo’s rejection was very mature and I loved her response.  She seemed to accept it even though you can see she was hurt. I seriously cried. But not all is lost because JoJo will be the new Bachelorette and I’m beyond excited for the show. I want to know who she goes for, what crazy guys they cast and of course what dresses she will pick.

I’m marking my calendar for May 23! I can’t wait.

THE BACHELORETTE - JoJo Fletcher first stole America's heart on Ben Higgins season of "The Bachelor," where she charmed both Ben and Bachelor Nation with her bubbly personality and sweet, girl-next-door wit and spunk. JoJo embarks on her own journey to find love when she stars in the 12th edition of "The Bachelorette," which premieres on MONDAY, MAY 23 on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

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