Well thank GOD spring has finally sprung in New York! This means people occasionally smile and break out the shorts and sundresses. It’s a pleasure when it all slows down for a bit and we can take a deep breath.

And after a long day of wandering around Central Park with a grin, we sigh and plunge happily into…. THE CATCH, Episode 8.

The Team at Work


Rhys and Margot chat about Alice Vaughn. She’s becoming a real problem.. which one of them should kill her? Toss a coin? Also, I’ve misspelled Rhys’s name this whole time but forgive me—no one has it written anywhere, not on #thecatch site or on IMDB. Also I think it’s time to call Mr. X aka Christopher Hall his real name, which is Benjamin Jones, known as Benji to Margot and Rhys. #colormeconfused

We see the reveal of how Margot decided to become Jessica Phillips, the therapist: she and Rhys needed to know more so she made the therapist a compelling offer (in addition to slamming a gun on the table): Now she gets to listen to Alice talk about Benji. This must be the WORST con ever—to hear your boyfriend’s lover talk about how in love they really are. #buzzkill.

Truly though, this is a SLAMMIN’ scene between Alice and Margot about Ben. Alice says, “He wants me to run away with him. I’m here because part of me really wants to.”

“Don’t worry,” Margot says, ice in her eyes, “I won’t let you.” SLAM DUNK. #theclawsareout


Alice comes home to find Ben in her living room. Ben has a bunch of articles to show Alice about the Kensington Firm, how bad they are and how much danger she’s in. She pulls a gun and basically says, “If you’re not going to help me, get out.”



Benji and Rhys walking with coffee talking about their next takeover. Like you do:) Ben is trying to get Rhys out of town. Alice photographs the conversation. Now she has a way to find him—she’s caught Rhys Spencer Griffiths.



An old friend of Sophie’s, Kelsey (a singer) is having a problem with her record label. As it turns out, Sophie and she were in a band together years ago. Danny begs to see the videos, but Sophie refuses. Kelsey is signed with a hotshot manager, Nathan Ashmore, and a hot shot record label, PMG, but they won’t release the record so they’re at a stalemate: will AVI investigate and find out why? For a friend of Sophie’s? Damn straight they will!



Ben tries to sell Margot on his idea: Rhys leads London, Ben leads the West Coast, Margot leads the East Coast. “Why do you want me gone?” Margot asks. “I want you gone.”

Reggie, meanwhile, is also pissed about having to work with Rhys in any capacity. Ben says he and Reggie will run LA while Margot runs NY. Everyone, including Reggie, is onto him. They know it’s all about Alice.



Alice, Val and #iheartagentdao investigate Rhys. Alice notes that all the murders, including that of Dao’s ex-lover, can be put on Rhys, not on Ben. There are obvious fireworks between Val and Dao and Alice is onto it. Val denies it all. Alice says, “Too bad. I think he likes you.” #moresexplease



Nathan Ashmore never sent the record to the label. Why? Sophie and Danny go undercover (using the musician cover that Sophie can easily access) and pull all of Nathan’s files from his computer. I like this trick. I’d like to be able to do it. Wouldn’t we all?!?!



Margot as psych. Alice revealing all, including how she stole back all their money. “I need to put him away,” she says, “AND the people he works with.” Cue dramatic music. DU DU DAAAAHHH!



The new con. A package is arriving for Rhys that he wants to steal. He and Reggie argue about the absurdity of this, Ben watches with a wry smile. Rhys reveals that the Package is, in fact, a person… a lady…a counterfeiter who is being brought up on charges but is being held at the Weatherby hotel. Coincidence? YOU DECIDE. Rhys has a whole plan to abduct her and use her for his own evil purposes.



Rose Rollins

Alice has found Rhys at The Weatherby. She walks in to tell Val and Dao…and sees some fireworks first hand. Delightful! #theplotthickens But seriously, folks: who doesn’t love Rose Rollins?



Ashmore is working a porn angle on the side: he has secretly taped Kelsey and Tyler (the music duo and couple) having sex. Since it was with his cameras in his studio he can legally use it. He wants to release the tape to create buzz about the record. CREEPTASTIC.



Nia VardalosBen goes undercover as a lawyer to talk to Leah Wells, the Package, and break her out of FBI custody. This Package has demands of her own: 50% of the take AND Paul McCartney… who turns out to be her dog. Leah is played by the fab Nia Vardalos, who is clearly enjoying herself. Rad actress.

Margot’s advice to Rhys: “Get the dog. Hold the dog hostage. She’ll forget her other demands”. Re: Alice. “She’s beautiful, smart… and she’s in love with Benjamin Jones.”

“She knows his real name?” he asks. “Then our problem is Benji.”



Is live and does exactly what Nathan thinks. It’s a hit. The album is a hit. But Kelsey feels her life is ruined and tries to OD. When Alice takes Nathan down in front of the paparazzi, he smiles and says it’s all good for publicity. #creep



Margot says to Alice: “What do you want from the people he works with?”

“Justice? Revenge?” Alice ponders. “We’d have a chance if it weren’t for these other people. I keep wondering what if…”

Margot: “I think the love of your life is always the love you can’t have.” KILL ME NOW! #heartbreaker



Dao is onto the transfer of “The Package.” More sparks with him and Val. Can we get some tinder please?!?!

Meanwhile Rhys and Ben alter the plan and go to find Leah, but she’s gone and the agents have been drugged. Suddenly Dao and Alice are outside the door—how do Ben and Rhys get away? Reggie saves the day dressed as a US Marshall. He leads Dao and Alice away and then gives them the slip, finding an exit with Ben and Rhys…but not before Rhys has killed two more men. Dao and Alice come in to find two agents dead on the floor.

In another room our villains conveniently happen to turn on the news to see that Jordan Hamlin, Leah’s boss, has been killed and somehow they realize that Margot is behind it all. Rhys calls her and finds she has Leah and her dog. “You didn’t just steal from me,” he threatens. “You stole from Mummy. And I’m going to tell.” #siblingrivalry at its finest!

Then Rhys threatens to harm Alice if Ben ever crosses him. It’s a truly dark moment.



AVI has found a way to incarcerate Nathan Ashmore: he recorded Tyler when Tyler was under 18, thereby screwing the pooch on some porn laws. He’ll be sent to jail, Kelsey can have her life back, all will be well. Danny again begs to see the vids of Sophie singing but to no avail.

Left in the office alone a message pops up on Danny’s screen: Kelsey has sent a video as a thank you. It’s a beautiful, charming, mournful song sung by Sophie on her ukelele. This is truly lovely and adorable. My question: is it actually her singing? I hope so! Delightful.



Alice returns home to find Ben…AND #iheartagentdao. Ben is all for Alice. He’s ready to prove it. He is ALL IN. And is ready to work with the authorities. But can he save her?

Join us next week for the Re-Catch of the 2 hour season finale!