When we first flipped through the gorgeous COOKIES & CUPS COOKBOOK by expert dessert blogger Shelly Jaronsky, our eyes immediately landed on her Icy Lemon Cake recipe. Why, might you ask? Because it reminded us of one of our favorite new novels, LUCK, LOVE & LEMON PIE by THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE author Amy E. Reichert! We thought that Amy, being a dessert lover herself, would want to test out some of Shelly’s killer recipes. Check out her thoughts on Shelly’s famous chocolate chip cookies below! Don’t forget to purchase THE COOKIES & CUPS COOKBOOK and see for yourself what Amy is raving about!


Chocolate chip cookies. Just the words summon images of moms, kitchen tables, and cold glasses of milk. Many of us will go to our graves believing our mom’s recipe is the best, I know I will. My family recipe is loaded with oatmeal and Rice Krispies, adding an extra crunch and making them “healthy.” They are my childhood in a crispy, chocolatey bomb. When I bake them, they never come out as good as when my mom makes them, and I’ve come to terms with that. Instead, I’m always looking for ways I can improve on the family classic, or find something even better.

I love people who feel the same way, and it’s clear that Shelly Jaronsky is my kind of people. Her new cookbook, THE COOKIES & CUPS COOKBOOK, is an utter delight. Full of scrumptious and approachable desserts and a handful of delicious dinner recipes at the back—where they belong, of course. While I loved every recipe I have tried thus far, I was drawn to her two chocolate chip cookie recipes: My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies and Salty Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies are just that—Shelly’s family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe that she’s made more awesome over time (see, I told you she’s my kind of people). These cookies are big and flat, with a crispy edge and a chocolatey, chewy center. These are her favorite for good reason, and my household agreed—these are exceptional cookies.

The Salty Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are a bit different. They have no baking powder and the butter is browned before it’s added to the batter. This does a few things: they bake up a bit taller and less chewy than the other recipe, but with a rich flavor that’s delicious. Plus the raw batter was the best I’ve ever eaten.

Not only do I have two more outstanding cookie recipes in my arsenal, I have great ideas I’m stealing for my own family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. Here are some of my favorite new nuggets I learned from Shelly’s book.

  1. Coarse Sea Salt. Oh my genius! Why doesn’t everyone do this? Those little nuggets of salty goodness pop with each bite, bringing out the chocolate, vanilla, and brown sugar flavors.
  2. Browned butter. I might take baths in browned butter if it wouldn’t make me so slippery. You want to know why vegetables roasted in butter taste so good—because when the butter cooks in the oven it turns into a simple browned butter sauce. You get those same flavor benefits when you use browned butter for baking.
  3. Mini chocolate chips. This seems like a no brainer. Tiny chocolate chips equals better chocolate distribution in the cookie. Some of the better chocolate companies, like Ghirardelli are making the mini-versions now, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for size.

So, dear reader, THE COOKIES & CUPS COOKBOOK is a treasure trove of outstanding recipes you’ll be happy to have at your fingertips, but Shelly’s tips and secrets will take your cooking far beyond her the pages of her book.

See below for Shelly’s full Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe!