Author KC Dyer dishes about her new book, FINDING FRASER, a story about one woman’s search for a real-life Jamie Fraser and her own happily ever after, now out from Berkley trade!

kc hides behind sword

About KC: KC Dyer resides in the wilds of British Columbia in the company of an assortment of mammals, some of them human. She likes to walk in the woods and write books. She has spoken with thousands of kids in schools across Canada from British Columbia to PEI; across the US and in Europe and Asia. She is a director and long-time participant at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. She is the author of Finding Fraser and several young adult novels, including A Walk Through a Window.  She has been writer-in-residence at New Westminster Secondary School, and a featured presenter at the National Council of English Teachers in both Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, Ill; YouthWrite in Penticton, BC; Young Authors in Kamloops, BC; WORD Vancouver, Canadian Authors’ Association in Victoria, BC; Ontario Library Association Super-Conference in Toronto, ON; Simon Fraser University Southbank Writers in Surrey, BC; WriteOn Bowen and many others. An unrepentant geekgirl, kc can be found on-line at and sweetly tweeting @kcdyer.

I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old. He was tall, redheaded, and, at our first meeting at least, a virgin. I fell in love hard, fast, and completely. He was older than me. He was taller than me. He knew how to ride a horse, wield a sword, and stitch a wound. He was, in fact, the perfect man.

That he was fictional hardly entered into it.

I loved him then, and I love him now. Three boyfriends—one live-in—and an ex-husband have not changed my mind. Ten years have passed since I first met this man, yet somehow—somehow he is more important to me than ever.

And this is why, at twenty-nine years (and one day) old, I have decided to drop everything, to leave my life behind, and regardless of the cost to my wallet or my self-esteem, go forth and find my own James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

In my book FINDING FRASER, Emma Sheridan’s life is a mess. Her marriage has fallen apart, she’s lost her job and she’s teetering on the edge of 30 years old. So, in a fit of insanity, she casts all rational thought to the wind, sells everything she owns and runs off to Scotland to see if she can find a real life version of her book boyfriend.

Things do Not Go Well.

Like it or not – Emma’s judged every guy she’s met in her life against the ‘Fraser’ standard. Over the course of the story we meet some of these men. Let’s have a look at how they rate against Jamie, shall we?

Her first love in college, Campbell, shared Jamie’s long eyelashes – a good sign. But while he also drank tea and loved Wolverine, turns out he loved their shared Professor more. What about Egon, whom she met through an online dating site? Sadly, their whirlwind marriage was followed by Egon celebrating their anniversary by bringing home his future paramour. NOT something Jamie Fraser would ever do.

Worse? Her name was Tiffany.

So Emma embarks on her journey. In spite of massive anxiety, a budget that’s tighter than a Kardashian corset and the fact that she’s never traveled alone anywhere before – she heads to Scotland, determined not to stray from the ‘Fraser’ standard again. She wants someone strong, sensitive and with a clear understanding of right and long. A guy who would never end up with anyone named Tiffany.

So how do the men she meets along the way rate against Jamie?

Emma encounters her first Scotsman even before she’s caught her plane. Jack Findlay is tall like Jamie, with rusty brown hair, and is gentleman enough to lend a hand after a disaster with a tartan-wearing stripper in a Philadelphia hotel bar. But a phone call she overhears quickly puts paid to his eligibility. Emma will be no-one’s Tiffany.

In Scotland, she meets the nearest thing yet. Hamish Lewis is tall with fair hair that may once have been reddish, magnificent forearms and the gently rolling r’s of a Highlander. But he is whisked away by two young women – one of whom has a name sounding suspiciously like Laoghaire – and Emma’s convinced she’s lost him forever. A fellow American named Gerald she bonds with over ghost-busting loves Jamie more even than she does, which is maybe not the best recommendation for a new boyfriend.

But Emma is not always the pursuer on this journey. She meets a young barista named Ashwin, who despite his tender years, shows an interest in Emma’s welfare in a way that would make Jamie proud. And it is in the hands of a wee Inverness laddie known as Robbie Rowanby that Emma meets the man who is arguably her biggest challenge. Robbie has an eye for the ladies, yes, but he also brings with him a – substantial – reputation for so small a man, and an earnest need to convince Emma of his trustworthiness.

Just when Emma is about to give up her quest, she gets to meet not one, but two of these guys again, and has the opportunity to see each of them in the wild, so to speak. But can they meet the standard set by James Malcom MacKenzie Fraser?

As her trip winds down, Emma finds a new mantra – ‘What would Claire do?’. It is not until the early dawn on a Scottish hillside that Emma sees what she has been missing all along, and how some times real life can be even BETTER than what’s inside the pages of a book.

Finding Fraser