I’ve spent much of the week reading romance novels and bingeing my way through the final season of Downton Abbey.  AMAZING.  This could be called the best and most heart wrenching week of all times.  I’m reading one romance for pleasure, one for work and watching it all on TV.  Thank God, say I, for a box of Kleenex, a bar of dark chocolate and a fine bottle of red wine.  #iheartromance

And now…to the affectionately titled “Re-Catch.”



Alice and Ben in bed.  Do we call him Ben? Do we call him Christopher?  Do we just revert and call him Mr. X as listed in Alice’s phone?  In a romantic moment she calls him Ben and they both admit it’s weird.  We think it’s weird too! I think for our purposes we should just call him “X.”

Alice says they need to break it off.  But there is a final goodbye fuck.  Or is it just the beginning? Hmmm…

I have to say YAY to Shonda for repeatedly giving us all great visions of hot sex between people who are in their 40s.  THANK YOU SHONDA.  I’m constantly fascinated by shows that perceive the possibility of people having hot sex in their 20’s when nobody has any idea what they’re doing (note: the opinions of this blogger are mine and mine alone and are not necessarily shared with this blog as a whole:)

Alice figures out X is part of a larger conglomerate.  She gets an idea to track the bigger fish and calls Dao…

Jacky Ido
The Hot as Rocks OG

…who is waking up next to Val.  #awesome

He’s all in.  Val is not. Val says it’s rebound sex to get over her ex.  Dao replies that if it’s rebound sex after such a long relationship, well, “you’re gonna need a lot more of it.”  #yesplease #hotasrocks


Reece has a new job.  Can he get X and Margot to join him on it?  X is supposed to go to Miami to meet Reggie for something or other… but Reece begins to work his mad con skills.  Lovely actor, this guy.  A truly charming villain.  He and X get Margot to think it’s her idea to play this new guy and suddenly—screw Miami!  We’re off to the races.

John Simm as Reece
If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you know this is The Master. Typecasting?


Val suggests Alice call her therapist.  Alice doesn’t think she needs to.  Then “Mr. X” flashes up on her screen several times in a row and she tosses the burner phone in a flower vase and calls the therapist for an appointment. I call this “a good reason to have two cell phones.”


AVI has a new case.  Vincent Singh, creator of a gaming empire, has a son who’s missing.  The courts have deemed the mother unfit due to bipolar disease, and given sole custody to Singh.


Reece has hunted a lead.  The new con is a wealthy man who likes to gamble… Teddy Seavers, a young playboy (it’s his father’s money from a wine empire) who seeks out exclusive games. He’s loaded, and loves to give his money away.  Perfect for our fave thieves.


Sophie and Danny track the boy’s cell to a local park.  It’s been destroyed and hidden.  That leads them to see a video cam that might yield more.  In the midst of all this they have some flirtatious banter about how they grew up.  Danny grew up in small town Vermont.  Sophie grew up without a family.  Orphaned?  More to come.

The video cam reveals that he’s been kidnapped.  Does the father or bipolar mother know who abducted him?  Alice flips out trying to calm the couple down as they yell at each other. “Yes,” she tells Val, “I’ve made an appointment with your therapist already.”


X is playing Texas Hold ‘Em with Reese, wearing a jacket with the best “cheating sleeve” of all times.  Watching this reminds me of all the theaters I worked at where the whole cast would play poker together.  I have a fantastic poker face but am truly terrible at the game.  I always used to go home crying because I look like I should play well and I don’t.  What good is the face if you can’t back it up with the game?

Reese knows about Alice but wants X to tell him about her.  He’s narrowing in on X by asking why he and Margot went so astray.  Why’d they stop being able to pay? Why’d they go belly up?  “What went wrong?” he asks X. But X is saved by Margot walking in.


Karen, the wife of Vincent Singh, set the whole thing up.  She’s put her son in the hands of a network that strives to get kids out of the country with a new identity and someday reunite them with the correct parent.  As it turns out Singh has been “singhing” a false note or two.  He bribed his wife’s therapist, her lawyer and several others to say she had bipolar disorder and was violent when that was far from true…he’d just have to pay a lot less if he had full custody.  Now what do they do to get the kid back and right this terrible wrong?


Young Teddy is yelled at by his girlfriend for gambling when he’s supposed to have given it up.  So our villains have to up their game.  They have Reggie come in posing as a famous gambler called “the Ringer.”  I’m happy happy happy he’s back because this actor is CUTE AS PIE.  Great column idea!!!  #hotasrocks vs #cuteaspie.  Perfect.

Alimi Ballard Cute as Pie
Pie, rocks…either way, we’re burning up!

Reggie is in full moto gear and has hands filled with rings, apparently “the Ringer’s” trademark.  Teddy is reeled back in.



Alice meets with X on a park bench to ask for his help.  Might he use his naughty undercover skills for good?  She presents him with the case and asks him to find the new identity of the boy.  Meanwhile, Reece has tracked him and is taking photos.  OOPS.

Almost instantaneously X gets the info to Alice (yes, he’s THAT GOOD.)  Alice tells Val it’s from an “anonymous source.”  They use the intel, get the kid back, and then use the info they have against Singh—they force him to release the kid to the custody of Karen’s sister and if he doesn’t they’ll expose him and make him pay a fortune in legal fees to expunge his name.  Well done, ladies!!! #chicksrock


Margot has set up the show and she’s stage managing it down to the smallest detail.  It’s an awesome set up—a brilliant conceived private “game room” in the hotel.  Margot is in the control room ala The Newsroom (one of my all time FAVE TV shows) and running it brilliantly.  Reece is getting progressively more drunk. Finally he spills his tequila all over the table and Margot, furious, has to throw him out.  This leads to the Devil’s hand… a one-off for the full 3 million dollars…. There are no cameras and Teddy insists on his deck.  Teddy gets a king, but X, ever the X-pert con artist, pulls off a great con where he tucks the ace from his sleeve in front of one of Teddy’s cards and shows the hand to win the day.  Cheers to that!  Teddy gives them the 3 mil with a huge smile on his face.

They go to share a toast…but hang on a sec… the tequila is water.  WTF?!?! So Reece was only playing drunk?!?!  Margot tracks him down to find THE REAL CON.


Reece took Teddy Sears’ appointment as an investor with the hotel chain, meaning he’s now co-owner of a huge US enterprise.  The Kensington Firm, the cover of their crime syndicate, now has a huge US presence.  “You didn’t come to declare peace,” Margot says, “you came to declare war.”  Then he shows her the pictures he took of Alice and X so she knows who the real enemy is.  DUH DUH DAHHHH! (cue dramatic music)


Dao is hunting down European crime families on a fancy electronic map and has settled on The Kensington Firm as their mark.  Dunno how he landed on that, but hey!  Must be the Coded Map of Crime Families everyone in the FBI has.  Alice goes to X and says, “Tell me about the Kensington Firm” and she deeply unsettles him…she’s going to take them down but wants to get him out first.  “Pick a side,” she says, walking away.  BAM. #gauntletthrown


Alice goes to see Val’s therapist who turns out to be…. DUH DUH DAHHHHH! MARGOT FOR THE WIN!  A lovely twist at the end of this show… Margot will now have the inside scoop on all things Alice, all things X and all things AVI.

Didn't see that coming!
Didn’t see that coming!

And that’s a wrap, folks!  Join us for next week’s Re-Catch.