by Gabra Zackman

Welcome to spring?!?!?!  This is currently a question in a New York City as it feels much more like late fall.  HELP US OUT, UNIVERSE!!!  Spring in New York is my favorite… that moment when everyone starts wearing summer dresses and walking around with a smile on their face.  We wait for it like a kid waits for their birthday to arrive.  But at the moment?  Misery.  However, it’s a very good time to binge one’s fave shows.  I’m currently knee deep in the newest season of ‘Call the Midwife’.  #bringonthekleenex

And speaking of…here’s this week’s recap of #thecatch: “the Re-Catch.”



Margot and Christopher (yes, we know now that his name is Ben but he’s still referred to as Christopher–the whole thing’s a little confusing) walk in on Felicity and The Benefactor (Reece) between the sheets.  This is awkward for many reasons… one, Felicity and Margot have been having an affair and two… REECE IS MARGOT’S BROTHER.  Egads!  #itsafamilyaffair

Christopher calls Alice for the bracelet.  She tells him to “come and get it.”



Shawn and Sophie chatting, Danny trying to eavesdrop.  Turns out they are bringing in the next case…Shawn was in the army (of course, could he get any hotter?) and one of his army buddies, Nia, the AWESOME Samira Wiley, is the first woman to join the Rangers and is encountering a backlash because of it.  She’s undergone threats, a bullet through her dog tags, and more.  They want to take on the case but there’s a caveat:  “No one can know I went outside the army.”



Are having breakfast.  Reece is already a bit of a wild card.  At one point, eating off Felicity’s plate he says to Margot, “Want to try Felicity’s omelette?”

“No thanks,” she replies, “I’ve had it.”  LOL

Christopher goes to get the bracelet.  Reece and Margot have a bit of family patter.  He says, “Mum sent me.”  She’s keeping her distance. #dysfunctionjunction



Agent Dao comes to apologize.  He says he has intel on Christopher—that Christopher is linked to a certain bracelet (cut to Alice slipping said bracelet off and into her pocket) and Dao has the pics to prove it.  The pics look like they’re from an Instagram feed.  From the Laragan embassy? This was a bit confusing, but culturally apropos 🙂



Margot and Christopher are arguing about Reece…how he used to be Christopher’s best friend, etc.  “Don’t let him come between us,” she begs him.  It’s good foreshadowing.



Dao is trying to make peace but they’re not having it.  There are lovely fireworks between him and Val.  #yesplease



Margot and Felicity.  A saucy scene of two lesbians who swing the other way when necessary.  “He thinks I’m his,” Felicity tells Margot regarding Reece.  Margot hunts for info from Felicity, for ways to negotiate with her brother for her freedom.



AVI finds an angle to the Army Ranger case—it might be one of Nia’s colleagues.  They hunt down the lead.  Meanwhile, Alice is returning the bracelet to the Laragan consulate when she’s apprehended by one of the crime families and this fine sounding fellow: Mickey Shive.  The actor’s name is impossible to pronounce (Kinyumba Mutakabbir) but he’s our #hotasrocks winner for this week.  Christopher saves her but Shive gets the bracelet.  She says she can get it back.  She goes to work with #iheartagentdao to enact a scheme to get Christopher what he needs and save his life in the process.

Mickey Shive


Are investigating 1st Lieutenant Evan Connors.  Nia confronts him at a bar where Danny is trying to observe him.  Connors turns out to be a major misogynist, and Danny DECKS HIM, getting his man card back in the process. #rad

Later on, Danny walks Nia home.  Her place has been ransacked, turned into a semblance of her grave.  It’s terrifying.

Meanwhile, Dao finds out that Shive has been dating a porn star and gets an address.  Val distracts Dao while Alice texts the info to Christopher.  She’s now taking Dao for all he’s worth.



Reece and Christopher waiting for Shive (yes, we all know Christopher’s real name is Ben but really it’s getting so confusing [ed. note: Bentopher?]).  They used to be best buds, and Reece is trying to win him back.  Shive leaves just as they’ve called in police to ransack Shive’s girlfriend’s hotel room.  Or something like that.  Anyway, Reece and Christopher are underdressed as officers—this is clearly old hat—and they go after Shive.  And this is when we see Reece’s true colors…he tortures Shive, then shoots him point blank.  Suddenly he’s not so fun anymore.



At Nia’s, Alice and Danny walk in to find her friend Todd cleaning up. They conceal their identities, but now they think they’re on to something else…Todd may be the link they’re looking for.



Reece is planning to expand to India, the Middle East, Asia…Felicity has overheard part of a phone call and lets Margot know.  Now Felicity and The BenefactorMargot has a plan to get her life back.  Meanwhile they’re still tasked with finding the bracelet because Shive’s father has it and is headed to a flight at noon the next day.

Cut to: Dao looking at the evidence of who killed Shive—he finds it to be the same person who killed his former lover, Madeline, and tells Val that Christopher committed both crimes.  Val calls Alice…

Who is walking into her bedroom to find Christopher sitting there.  WHOA this guy can vaporize outta thin air!  Another honest convo between them yields a fab plan…if, Alice ponders, there can be two paintings like the one Christopher stole for her and the one that hangs in the museum, might there also be TWO BRACELETS?  Cue dramatic music: DA DA DAAAAA!



Danny brings Nia food for her to eat while he’s on a stakeout, protecting her.  She invites him in to eat with her and they sleep together.  FINALLY DANNY GETS SOME OH THANK GOD.

The next morning Sophie calls with some intel about Todd and another Sergeant… is Todd really Nia’s friend? Or Enemy #1?

They lay out a scheme to trap Todd and find him meeting with… NIA’S BROTHER, also a Ranger.  EGADS.

Her brother has been the one sending threats to prevent her going into combat.  Lovely acting job by Ms. Wiley, of Orange is the New Black fame—just LOVELY.  And then, this line from Alice:

“I’m so tired of hearing men say they want to protect us when they’re really taking away our choices.”

BRAVO SHONDA!!! I feel like Shonda is getting to some deep shit here, even in a fun TV show, that makes me applaud while ensconced on my couch.  #shondaland #shondarocks #shondaforpresident

Nia CHOOSES to continue to be a Ranger.  Hot moment between her and Danny before she leaves.  Is Sophie jealous?  #theplotthickens



Margot is negotiating with Reece.  She wants him to forgive all the debt—in writing—in exchange for them getting the bracelet again. Now that she knows how much it means to him she knows she can get what she wants. But now he knows Felicity has given up his private info.



Fun graphics.  Lovely music.  A complex back and forth between Dao, Alice and Christopher.  Plot, backplot, subplot, doubleplot.  She’s on board the elder Shive’s aircraft dressed as a stewardess in FAB lipstick (color please?!?). She gives him laced champagne, steals the bracelet, replaces it with the fake bracelet, gives the real bracelet to Christopher and has Dao find the fake one in Shive Senior’s pocket.

Alice and Christopher are now at a whole new level.

Christopher, Margot, Felicity and Reece share a fine toast.  Reece says he’d like to stay stateside, and will send Felicity to command his empire overseas.  Uh oh. But delightful for us! He’s a great villain.



Val and Dao.  Dao says, “That was too easy.  I can’t help but think I’m being played.”  Sexy.  Then it begins.  A deeply hot montage.  Val and Dao having hot sex.  THANK YOU SHONDA.  Alice and Christopher on the kitchen island.  Felicity and Margot in Margot’s hotel room.

When Felicity leaves Margot’s room, Reece is waiting…and he doesn’t look happy.  It’s sinister and spooky as he leads her back to their suite.  He pours them both a glass of wine, then asks Felicity for something on Margot and she names Alice Vaughn.  He pulls up AVI’s homepage and says, “this is very good,” then shoots Felicity point blank.  It’s really dark, gross, creepy behavior…and a fab cliffhanger for next week.  Am just sad to see Felicity go—she was truly “sex on a stick.”

Till next week…#catch the #recatch then!