While you were all distracted by The Donald, worried that he was gonna take over America, we were scheming our own takeover of XOXO After Dark. Get in, losers, we’re going shopping taking over. Our second book, I HAD A NICE TIME AND OTHER LIES…: How to Find Love and Sh*t Like That, goes on sale today, and to celebrate we’ll be taking over the site and posting funny sh*t throughout the day.

Who are The Betches, you may ask? We are many things. The creators of the cultural phenomenon Betches.com, a niche humor website with columns on topics ranging from celebrities, health and fitness, politics, TV and movie recaps, and advice. The geniuses behind the @Betches Instagram account. The purveyors of the trendy Betches Shop. But most importantly, we’re the ones who write down all the stuff you’re thinking but are too scared to say out loud.

So get ready, XOXOAD readers, the Betches have arrived. Look out for more posts from us throughout the day. And check out I HAD A NICE TIME AND OTHER LIES…!


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