Each and every world that an author creates has its own unique rhythm and nuances, carefully crafted to draw the reader in and captivate their attention and, more importantly, their imagination. So when an author undertakes the feat of bringing two or more independent worlds together, it’s no small task! That’s just what #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison has done with her all-new novella, WAYLAID, bridging the gap between the world of Rachel Morgan in The Hollows series and Peri Reed in The Drafter. Read her foreword to the novella below to get her take on the challenge in bringing together two (seemingly) divergent worlds, and download the novella today for only $0.99, available now from Pocket Star!



The concept to bring the diverse words of The Hollows and The Drafter together was one that I initially considered with equal parts excitement and dread. I wondered if it could ever be done. After all, though taking place in modern America, The Hollows centers around everyday paranormals living among us, their timeline skewing from ours sometime around the discovery of DNA.

Then there’s The Drafter, which takes place in a slightly futuristic world where Detroit has become a Mecca of green technology, the city again a showcase for innovation, music, and corporate espionage.

Suffice it to say, bringing these two worlds together seemed impossible without breaking any rules in either universe. But then . . . just maybe, seeing as the magic in The Hollows is based on science, and the technology in The Drafter has its roots in the impossibility of magic . . . well . . . you tell me.

Waylaid still reads like self-made fan fiction to me, as I dearly like keeping my universes in their separate little dreams, but I had fun with it, and I hope you do, too.

—Kim Harrison