We’re big Susan Mallery fans here at XOXOAD, and given that she’s a regular New York Times bestseller, we’re guessing that some of you are, too! And because she’s written about a gazillion books, there’s something on her extensive bibliography for ever reader. But if somehow you are still a Mallery virgin, this is a great time to check her out–not only does she have a brand new book in her beloved Fool’s Gold series coming out from Harlequin, but Pocket is reissuing three of her most beloved backlist titles in her Marcelli Family series. Whichever Mallery novel you choose, we guarantee that these books will help you spring into spring!


Best of my LoveFirst up, BEST OF MY LOVE is the newest book set in the small California town of Fool’s Gold. The town has a storied history (which you can read on Susan’s site here), part of which includes a legendary man shortage. Over the years, various enterprising women have found different strategies for enticing eligible men to join them in this bucolic little town, which now boasts an assortment of residents including a Tour de France-winning cyclist, a reality-star-turned-Hollywood-actress, and even…an elephant? (You’ll just have to read the whole series to find out about that.)

BEST OF MY LOVE features baker Shelby Gilmore, who’s working on some trust issues. But she’s got it figured out–if she can find a guy who just wants to be friends, maybe that will convince her that all men aren’t dogs. So who should she choose to make sure there’s no danger of getting their signals crossed? Local player Aidan Mitchell, the area’s adventure tour guide, of course! He has a strict policy of dating only tourists, so there’s no question that things will stay short-term. He’s not interested in relationships, just a mutually beneficial romp between the sheets, so there’s no way he’d make a move on a hometown girl who might stick around (perish the thought!). Could Aidan and Shelby form the perfect friendship? Or will town gossip push them over the edge and into each other’s arms for real?

Tempted yet? We are! But maybe you’re in the mood for something that guarantees a little more wedded bliss? Then try one of these Marcelli brides on for size (and click the links for excerpts of each):

Sparkling One

THE SPARKLING ONE – When party planner Katie Marcelli learns that her 18-year-old sister is engaged, she’s determined to give little sis the most beautiful wedding she could imagine. But standing in the way is father of the groom Zach Stryker–he thinks it’s a terrible idea for his son to get hitched so young, and he’ll do whatever he can to intervene. Too bad Zach is also Katie’s biggest client…and the first man to turn her head in years…

Sassy One

THE SASSY ONE – Francesca Marcelli thought she’d found love, but fate (in the form of a car crash) snatched it away. Now she’s going to make her own happily-ever-after by going back to school to study sociology. When her field research leads her (hilariously) to Sam Reese’s door, it seems like a no-strings-attached match made in heaven! But the path to true love never did run smooth, especially when the lovers are keeping secrets from one another. Francesca’s going to need more than just her book smarts to find her way through this one!

Seductive One

THE SEDUCTIVE ONE – Brenna Marcelli loves her family winery more than anything–except her family. Which is why it breaks her heart when Grandpa Lorenzo announces he may leave Marcelli Winery to his prodigal eldest grandson, rather than the granddaughter who feels the vines as if they spoke to her. Brenna decides that she has to go it alone and start her own winery, but that means she needs cash–and the only person she can find who’ll lend it to her is Nic Giovanni, their family’s arch-rival. Will Brenna’s deal with the devil tear her family apart? Or could it be that Nic is on the side of the angels after all?