Surviving High School is the debut novel from Vine superstar and actress Lele Pons, who has over 10 million followers on Vine. For this post, we asked a few of her young fans to read and review the book. Surviving High School is out now in print and ebook!


9781501120534I really enjoyed Surviving High School.  It was serious, relatable, and funny, and I would recommend it to all of my older friends or anyone who is a fan of Lele’s.

The book is about Lele adjusting to her new school and her newfound fame on Vine, along with a new boyfriend and a new best friend. The story made me realize that there are mean girls in every school, but hopefully this book will make those girls think twice about judging someone who at first seems different on the outside.  Lele’s character is actually very nice and so funny.

I read the book because I like Lele’s Vine videos, but I liked the book on its own because it turned out to be a really good story and really well written.

–Chloe, age 11

First off, I’m 100% sure that freshman Lele and I are the same person. Being a freshman in high school as well, I felt a certain connection to this book and the stories that she is telling. Surviving High School is the candid and funny backstory of the world’s favorite Vine star. Lele Pons holds nothing back in her first novel with #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz.

You are right there for all the awkward moments that Lele experienced. There are things you relate to that you have completely forgotten happened to you as a teenager, or things you relate to because you experience them every day at 8 A.M. You see the most awkward years of anyone’s life with a person that has made you laugh for years. From forgetting to buy a copy of The Great Gatsby for English class to feeling comfort when you hear the “That’s So Raven” theme song. From having your first boyfriend be the cutest guy in school to being jealous when any other girl talks to him. It’s a wonderful thing to see all the embarrassing things that have happened to you have happened to her too…and then some!

Lele Pons is the person everyone was, and honestly, I still sort of am. This book is Lele saying, “You will survive it,” (while giving some extremely helpful tips along the way about how to do that). No matter how hard high school is, if we all end up looking like Lele, I know I’ll be just fine.

–Tania, age 14

Tania Ryan lives on Long Island, where she reads The Mortal Instruments, listens to Hamilton, and bakes. You can find her on Twitter at @swiftyfan1213.