Author and actress Gabra Zackman returns to talk us through the newest Shonda Rhimes joint. Take it away, Gabra!


Yes, I’m #adaylateandadollarshort on this blog post. Sorry y’all! I’ve had the great fortune, in the midst of doing a hot off broadway show (BEDLAM’s Sense and Sensibility) to leave it for a few days to journey to Colorado, a former home of mine, to shoot a short film called Mrs. Drake. Rad with a side of amazing. Directed by the awe inspiring Caitlin Fitzgerald (of Masters of Sex fame among many others) and starring myself and one of my dearest friends, this has been one heck of a good time. So I’m late for a darn good reason. And I have to say, being on a shoot makes me so admire anyone who does this for a living…wildly difficult work, but wildly rewarding. Now, with a good bit of humility, I return to the task at hand. #beingoncameraistoughwork

Season 1 Episode 2: The Real Killer

Let me begin this “ReCatch” by saying that my life may very well have been made by the fact that “Hot As Rocks” FBI Agent Jules Dao (the charming Jacky Ido) read my last blog entry about how hot he is and sent me an emoticon rose on Twitter. Now he’s following me. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can now die happy. But seriously. MADE. MY. WEEK. #gamechanger

Just a friendly reminder :)
Just a friendly reminder 🙂


Mr. X and Alice’s first date. A montage sequence of how they got to know each other, and the first time they had sex. HOT. Then Alice wakes up into the reality of today. Sophie, a lawyer as well as one of her charming compadres at the office, is summoned by Alice where they talk, in confidence, about the $12 million stolen painting and what it means. Then Alice dresses “1960’s style sex on a stick” and goes to the museum…. Only to find… the $12 million dollar painting still hanging on the wall. Which is the real one?!?!


Ben, aka Mr. X, aka Christopher Hall, and his cronies, Margot and Reggie, have resorted to high class jewelry theft to make a little dough after Alice and Team have sucked them dry. Always a good thing to fall back on.


Time for a new case for our favorite PIs. Enter Jeffrey, a wealthy man acquitted of murdering his wife. She was a much older wealthy woman, he’s already remarried. The connections with Alice’s relationship with Christopher overlap. Alice’s is positive he’s guilty, Val (the lovely Rose Rollins) keeps her level. Alice, still needing to know she’s a good investigator after being conned, decides to take the case. They investigate the whole shebang from the beginning. Meanwhile, Mr. X is on the fast boat to China, instructed to lay low. But instead…he’s hunting Alice. Sexy. But Reggie is on to him. Christopher sees Jules Dao [insert emoticon rose] trailing Alice and uses that as the reason to justify to Reggie why he needs to stay stateside. He doesn’t want to be picked up at the airport by the feds.


Jules Dao has finally figured out Alice’s real connection to Ben aka Mr. X aka Christopher Hall. He challenges her. She fights him point for point. He accuses her of working for a murderer, and makes sure she knows he’s on to her.


Alice and Christopher in bed, talking about family. She talks about her baby brother, he describes the death of his. His parents are apparently gone as well. Is any of it real? I have to say that one of the very best parts of this show is watching Mireille Enos process what has happened to her. What a beautiful and riveting actress. I struggle, in my life and in my work, to do anything with such subtlety and grace. Concurrently, Reggie confronts Christopher and Christopher admits he’s in love with Alice. Reggie warns Christopher about the dangers to Alice of him truly pursuing her… Margot will go all Fatal Attraction and kill them all. Not really, I just liked the turn of phrase, and the remembrance of Glenn Close (another of my all time faves) and the rabbit.


Val is going through mediation for her divorce and it’s not going well. When Alice tries to excuse his absence, saying “Maybe he was stuck in court,” Val replies, “Or maybe he was stuck in someone else’s vagina.” LOL! I’m reminded of this amazing NPR interview with Shonda–a must listen for any Shonda lovers, #singlemoms, creative types or really—ANYONE.

The part this reminded me of was her talking about Grey’s Anatomy and coining the term “vajayjay” because, and I quote, “You could only say “vagina” a certain amount of times before someone just had a heart attack.” It is, I must say, used for delightful effect here.


Peyton, the son of the murdered woman, is another possible suspect. Alice confronts him in another fab outfit. He flexes his muscles and damages her very nice car. All around good eye candy. All would make a fab calendar spread.

Greg Audino
We are nothing if not servicey.


Margot and Reggie let Christopher in on the plan… to con a wealthy Arab businessman. Christopher makes a move on the beautiful princess he’s with. Maybe he’s her security detail? Frankly, I missed this plot point and I’m a bit confused. But who cares. I mean, fancy cars and wealthy beauties. Why not, say I?


Alice and Danny, another member of her team, search the grounds of Peyton’s grandmother’s house for signs of a million dollars of missing jewels. Alice finds them tucked away in a secret compartment of a kayak. She’s been wrong about Jeffrey. The acquitted wealthy man is innocent, the son is guilty.


Sophie hunts down the forger of the painting. This leads to a hot new trail of finding out who Christopher Hall really is. He finds his aliases (aliis?) through the obituaries. In the midst of all this, a captivating scene with Christopher and Margot where she shaves him while quasi threatening him about his relationships with other women. Even though it’s part of their deal. #sexy #scary #fatalattraction #stovetopbunny


And winds up confronting Jeffrey in his darkened mansion…she sees by the sand on his shoes that he’s been to the kayak…oh no… she was right all along…. He IS THE KILLER!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! We end with the new wife interrupting at just the right time to save Alice… before the new wife kills Jeffrey herself. Death by gorgeous marble staircase. [Ed note: see also, Empire. Slippery marble staircases are so in this season!] Excellent.


Sophie hunts down a recent death that looks like what Christopher would use as a cover. A plan is hatched for Alice to write an obit and open a fake credit card to bait Christopher with a new identity. She is going to #catch him. Red handed.


Jules Dao knocks on Alice’s door. “I come in peace,” he says. I long for this same thing to happen to me. He apologizes for calling her a suspect. She closes the door in his face. But not before he’s out-investigated our heroine. He puts a sneaky listening device on her door and begins to monitor her every move, including her placing the obit. #iheartagentdao


The Princess stays longer in LA to be with Christopher, giving Christopher’s cronies a chance to get whatever it is they’re after that I somehow missed. He wins her. When she asks who he is, he looks at the newest obituary and falls for Alice’s bait. He is now Michael Thorne. We close on a shot of Alice’s Cheshire Cat-like smile. GOT HIM.

And that’s the ReCatch! Sexy fun times, yet again. Join us next week for more banter, more cheesy hashtags, and more emoticon roses. #iblogthereforeiam