We love our TV at XOXOAD, so we’re delighted to introduce our newest recapper, who’ll be taking on Shonda Rimes’s sexy new caper series, The Catch. Please welcome Gabra Zackman, actress, audiobook narrator, and author of the Bod Squad series of romance novels! Take it away, Gabra…

CatchA couple of weeks ago I found myself drinking a fine bourbon and live tweeting the Bachelor Finale.  What? Really?  Yes, really.  And just FYI… much as I love watching the Bachelor, the live tweets are actually better than the show itself.

I’m a lover of TV, a great binge-er of series.  And always, a great lover of romance.  I wrote a series which reads like a TV show, and is like all the ones I love… a romantic cat and mouse game that winds it’s way all over the known world (and has a lot of hot moments at every turn).  I was inspired by what I call the New Golden Age of Television, where we get an endless sea of great stories we can watch in our own home.  For me, TV is my treat at the end of a night, particularly now as I’m doing 8 shows a week of Sense and Sensibility, one of the world’s greatest romances.  I like to come home and unwind in front of a good story, and I am one for swooning if the occasion calls.

I’ve decided to blog about the Catch because A: it’s right in my wheelhouse B: looks so fun and C: SHONDA is always worth my time.

Here’s my recap (somewhat in real time) of The Catch, Series Premiere:


I mean, come on. Mireille Enos is THE HOTTEST THING ever.  If you haven’t seen her work in The Killing run out to see it. NOW.  Binge it, and get off on that rad relationship she has with her co-star.  Swoon worthy.  She’s hotter than ever here, still rocking a ponytail like no one else, and if the intraweb tells me correctly, 40 really never looked so good.  People say I’m a hot 42.  Looking at Mireille, however, I’m dog meat. mireille enos

We start with an art heist, and flirtation over a painting.  THANK YOU SHONDA.  It’s a great setup.  And in 5 minutes we watch Mireille (who plays Alice), clearly a great PI, wrestle this guy to the ground, take back some stolen art, and slap him with some plastic cuffs.  I’m hooked.


Sexy set up.  First of all, I like the style of the show and the font of the credits.  Do you ever wonder about this? Who does this? It’s a cool font.  And the pictures on the screen are very reminiscent of James Bond.

We’re introduced to the PI Agency, and to Mr. X, a slick art heister who’s been playing cat and mouse with the agency for some time.  You know the details, right? It’s been all over the previews.  Mr. X turns out to be Peter Krause (Christopher Hall, though that’s not his real name) who also turns out to be Alice’s fiance.  Very fun idea.  So she’s sleeping with Mr. X but can’t seem to nail him down. Hm.


We meet various and sundry secondary characters who are all attractive and charming.  We meet Margo, Mr. X’s real partner in business and in love (deliciously played by Sonya Walger) and we see that Mr. X is a bit too in love with his own con.  He has doubts. He has real feelings for Mireille.  She’s picking out wedding cake and a hot dress, he’s about to remove every trace of himself from her life. But does he want to? Clearly not.  This leads us to watching a scene with Alice trying on her wedding dress, Mr. X looking at her with the knowledge he’ll never actually get to marry her and then him slipping off the dress and a montaged hot sex scene remixed to music.  Thank you, Shonda.  Thank you.

The sequence ends with him trying to come clean and failing, and trying to convince her to run away with him.  I don’t know about you, but I do ADORE a con artist with a conscience.


When his stuff is removed from Alice’s home, his phone disconnected, his “faux office” dessimated, she stands in the midst of an empty room realizing she’s been played.  “He’s gone,” she says to her dear friend and co-worker Valerie.  “Gone.”  HEART. BREAKER.


How they met. How he insinuated himself into her world in the first place.  Ooooh, he’s good. Very good.  She’s good, too.  But he’s better.


Jackie idoEnter in Jules Dao, FBI agent intially from Burkina Faso and HOT AS ROCKS.  I don’t know, by the way, if this is an actual expression, but I’ve decided to coin it for blogging/swooning/fainting purposes.  I’m not familiar with the actor Jacky Ido, but I will be from now on.  HOT. AS. ROCKS.  Bring me some vapours so I can continue watching.


There’s a counter con.  THANK GOD. Our heroes manage to hunt Mr. X down where he’s in the midst of his newest heist.  He’s wearing colored contact lenses, Alice is rocking a red dress to beat the band, throwing him off kilter.  While they don’t catch him, they do some neat bit of securities/hacker/PI work (perpetrated by the youngest member of their firm, Sophie, played by the adorbs Elvy Yost) whereby they manage to steal all of Mr. X’s and Margo’s assets.  Nicely done.  Margo, clipped British manner intact, storms off, saying “Fix it.”  It remarkably replicated the self coaching I do in my apartment late at night with my mascara running down my face.


Episode ends BEAUTIFULLY.  The piece of art from the beginning, used as a symbol throughout the episode of both what they do and of the kind of love they share is stolen by Mr. X and hung, very well, in Alice’s apartment. (insert tawdry pun of choice here).  She looks at it, smiles, then says, “Alright, Christopher.  You want to play? Let’s play.”


This is a lovely beginning to a new show.  Formulaic, yes.  Life changing, no.  But entertaining? Sexy? Worth 43 minutes on a Thursday night?  ABSOLUTELY.

Can’t wait to CATCH the next one :).