PrincessWorePlaidNew York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins knows that sometimes, as much as we all wish we did, we don’t always have enough relaxation time to sit and read an entire novel. But not to worry! The latest installment in Karen’s bestselling Oxenburg Princes series is a short-and-sweet novella, and it’s on sale today for only $1.99!

1) This long, charming novella is only $1.99 and is the perfect length for a bathtub read. We’ve all been there – soaking in the tub, trying to read a book, and what happened, but the water gets cold right as we reach THE GOOD PART. Well, fear not, gentle tub-readers! THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID is long for a novella, and is the perfect length for a tub read. (Reader Hint: You can encase an ereader in a gallon size plastic Ziploc bag to keep it safe from the water, while still being able to read with ease.)

2) What’s sexier than a dark, handsome man with a deep voice and a rich, whisky-smooth Scottish burr? NOTHING. I’m melting as I write this – think a young Gerald Butler holding you close, whispering sweet nothings in your ear in that accent. GIVE ME. (Reader Hint: Read this while playing the theme to Braveheart in the background.

3) And last, but not least, THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID has it all.  No, seriously, this story has it ALL. We have a princess heroine (and we can all relate to that), a wounded hero in need of a princess (don’t they all?), references to lots and lots of delicious food (!!!!), and the library of all of our dreams (swoon!).  (Reader Hint: All of that for a mere $1.99!)

So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, get THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID, draw up a hot bath, pour a glass of wine, and read this fun, lively, sexy novella. You and your imagination will be so glad you did!

ICYMI: Karen Hawkins joined us on the XOXO After Darkcast to talk about THE PRINCESS WORE PLAID, her next Oxenburg book, and why Scotsmen make the best romance heroes! Listen to all the fun here.