In February 2016, we welcomed a new group of XOXperts to our street team and we couldn’t be more excited about it! In week three of introductions, you’ll meet the last three outstanding bloggers that are part of our team! Don’t forget to check out their blogs for more fun stuff!  

Yesi C.

Yesi Cavazos (Literati Literature Lovers)

Hi! My name is Yesi and I have a passion for reading and falling in love with fictional characters. I am a life-long reader and truly enjoy being immersed in a good book. My life is crazy with being a mother to two very active boys, a wife to a husband who travels, and a teacher to high school students. If I’m not cheering on my favorite sports team, I am reading a book. I began blogging and reviewing books a little over 3 years ago and I absolutely love it. I’m usually prepared for whatever life throws my way but sometimes, when things become too much, I simply pick up a book and let the craziness of life fade away.



Ursula Uriarte (Grown Up Fangirl


Ursula Uriarte (Instagram/@ursula_uriarte) is an Accountant, Alice in Wonderland collector and professional bookworm. When not reading she’s taking pictures of her books or writing reviews for her blog. Ursula’s Alice in Wonderland book collection was featured on Instagram in late 2015, and her Instagram gallery in various media on the web. Ursula lives with her husband and 4 children in Miami, and has been blogging since 2013. Besides her passion for reading, she has a passion for travel and is a huge Pearl Jam fan, often flying all over the country and abroad to catch them in concert.


GiselleGiselle Gonzalez (Hopeless Book Lovers

Hey there! My name is Giselle Gonzalez and I’m a currently a student at Boston University. I’m pursuing a degree in English and Public Relations with the hopes of one day working at a book publishing house!

My love of books started early on in life, but my addiction to reading actually started with the Twilight series. I’ve since then developed a passion for reading all types of books from paranormal to contemporary romance and women fiction and YA to Adult books. I spread my love for books on my blog Hopeless Book Lover and you can usually find me instagramming about my latest read from my local coffee shops.