If you’re like us, then last Monday you spent an obscene amount of time rehashing the Oscars: talking about the biggest snubs with your coworkers, googling the best gowns of the night, and trying your hardest to track down Chris Rock’s daughter because dammit you want some Thin Mints! And as we said goodbye to the Leo memes, we ushered in a new era of internet treasure:


Google Images
Google Images

Alicia Vikander may have won for her role in The Danish Girl, but we’re convinced she’s actually Belle. Needless to say, this took us into a pretty deep Disney hole. But check out how cool these spectacular hand-drawn mashups are by artist Dada.











Buzzfeed even has videos of how these drawings take shape! We have artist envy, so we’ll see you tomorrow–we’re too busy right now trying our hand at our adult coloring books.