Christina and Lauren, who combine to form the mega-author Christina Lauren in a most Voltron-like manner, have been some of the most consistently excellent, bestselling authors in romance since their Beautiful Bastard debut just three short years ago. With Beautiful Boss–the ninth (!) book in the Beautiful series–leaping onto shelves on Leap Day today, we thought we’d check in and see what it was like for the pair to switch from writing their Wild Seasons series and get back to the old gang. As you can imagine, the reunion was a joyful one . . .


itellyouSometimes you forget how much you love a character or couple, until you revisit them.

When we finished Beautiful Player in the summer of 2013, we were pretty sure that we loved it. It hadn’t exactly been an easy book to write—there were a lot of changes in the end and it was the first book where we really learned that we had a process. We discovered that Christina will freak at the beginning of a new book, Lo saves her flails for around the ¾ point, and that revisions are really where the magic happens.

And when we went back to Will and Hanna to write Beautiful Boss, we were surprised by how much we missed them. There’s something about coming back to the Beautifuls as a whole that feels a little like meeting up with old friends again. Bennett and Chloe are like two cartoon characters chasing each other around, Max and Sara could basically give you a toothache, and Will and Hanna are relationship goals. Period.

It may sound cliché, but writing Boss was like putting on an old pair of shoes.
Will and Hanna are so much fun to write, and the idea of watching them marry and then sort of stumble into all the things that come with that was almost too good to be true. The wedding was a great starting off point, but what happens after? What happens when things aren’t perfect? When the practical concerns of day to day life—like which city to live in—set in?

Well, one thing we knew about these two—while relationship problems might arise that are intense and real, these two can work them out. And find a way to boink in the meanwhile.

They are Beautiful, after all. ☺