Sometimes it can be impossible to get an author to tell you which of her books is her favorite. She’ll say they’re like her children: you just can’t choose. But c’mon– we all know, deep down, Mom’s got a soft spot for somebody… Lucky for us here at XOXOAD, Jennifer Estep is not afraid to play favorites in her long-running Elemental Assassin series. Check out her post below and then read the newest installment in the series, BITTER BITE, and see if you agree!


bitter biteFourteen books. Wow. Part of me still can’t believe that I’ve written so many books in one series. And there are more to come, as I will be writing at least 16 books in the series now.

When it comes to a long-running series, there are certain books that readers like more than others. In my Elemental Assassin series, it seems like SPIDER’S REVENGE (book #5), HEART OF VENOM (book #9), and BLACK WIDOW (book #12) are particular fan favorites. (Leave a comment on this post if you agree or have another book in the series that’s your favorite.)

Why do these books seem more popular than others in the series? I think it’s because they all have lots of action, truly nasty villains, and really great dynamics/relationships between my heroine, Gin Blanco, and the other characters.

Readers like certain books in a series better, and I feel the same way as an author. Some books just flow easier than others as you are writing them. Sometimes, there’s a particular character that you love writing about, or you get to write a story/plot that you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

spider's revengeheart of venomblack widowWhen it comes to BITTER BITE, I had a lot of fun writing the villain, and I think the book features one of the best villains in the entire Elemental Assassin series. The cool thing about this villain is that the character comes in and is not only a physical threat to Gin, but also an emotional one as well. So it’s like a double dose of evil, but in a good, entertaining way.

BITTER BITE is definitely one of my favorite books in the series, and I hope that it will be one of the books in the series that becomes a fan-favorite as well. Fingers crossed anyway. We’ll see soon, since the book came out on Feb. 23. 🙂

What about you guys? What are some of your favorite books in a long-running series? What makes you like a certain book in a series more than others?