Her Forever HeroNew York Times bestselling author Melody Anne has a new book out this week, HER FOREVER HERO! This is the third in her “Unexpected Heroes” series of contemporary romances all set in the same Montana town, so we asked her what she loved most about writing in this world:

These are my five favorite things about Sterling, Montana, and the people who live there:

The Winchesters – I love guns and men holding them, so this name was easy for me to come up with. These siblings are alpha and spunky and full of life.

Martin Whitman – There is nothing I like to write more than meddling patriarchs. So far I have Joseph, George and Richard Anderson. Then I have Sherman Armstrong and of course, Martin Whitman, who has the interfering women of Sterling as his sidekicks. I have so much fun writing these scenes! I can picture them the minute I start writing.

The busybody trio of Maggie, Eileen and Bethel – These three are grandmas (or want to be grandmas) and they still act like they are in their twenties. I have so much fun with them dancing and pulling pranks–along with matchmaking for their family members.

The make-believe – It’s so much fun. I got to make up a perfect town where I can do whatever I want. That is what I love so much about writing. I get to create these characters in a town that I love so much and I get to have so many adventures there. It’s wonderful and this town is a place that I want to live in so much. I modeled it a bit after my own small country farm town. 🙂

The wealth – I grew up incredibly poor. And I’m so grateful I did, because it allowed me to have these epic adventures in my own head. I used my imagination and one thing I dreamed of was being swept off my feet and carried off to a world where anything and everything I ever wanted was right there at my fingertips. In reality, I have everything I could ever want with a wonderful family, amazing friends, and adventures in my own back yard. But still, researching these incredible fantasies where money isn’t an issue is so much fun. I think that’s why we read, to be carried away into a new world. And it’s so fun to live in that world for a while.

Discover the wonders of Sterling, Montana for yourself–don’t miss any of Melody Anne’s sexy, funny novels and novellas in the Unexpected Heroes series!

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