It’s so difficult to write an Oscar prediction post without being biased.  Obviously, you can guess which the academy might pick but when you think someone deserves to win…. they deserve to win and to hell with the academy! Just kidding, if for whatever reason I might win an Oscar in the future, I don’t want to ruin my chances.

We’ve really been loving the ‘honest trailers’ that have been making the rounds so we thought, why not find honest movie posters for this year’s Best Picture Nominees, sourced from The Independent and

martian1 (1)The Martian – a funny Matt Damon movie that wasn’t really a comedy and somehow even while stuck on Mars, everything worked out for him.


The Big Short – a surprisingly funny movie by the guy who also did Step Brothers with some cool celebrity cameos.  Basically good looking guys make money on everyone else’s biggest fear, but never actually meet one another.


Bridge of Spies – Surprise, it’s Tom Hanks in a Spielberg movie which is, of course, told beautifully.  Also, the title can literally be the title for any other type of action/thriller/spy movie.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.09.03 AM

Brooklyn – an Irish girl moves to the US and meets an overly smiley Italian-American and then is forced to go back to Ireland and also falls in love with Bill Weasley.  Why doesn’t this happen to us?


Mad Max: Fury Road – a movie you should have seen on the big screen.


The Revenant – Not much talking, but they definitely make you think you’re cold and miserable while watching the movie. Then they include a bear scene so terrifying, it will leave you throwing your fake Oscar at Leo.  Just give it to him already!


Room – not to be confused with The Room, this is just a horrifyingly scary story but the boy, who I thought was a girl at frist is amazing.


Spotlight – Ok, I didn’t actually see this yet but my understanding is a shocking story we already know with a bunch of amazing actors that are only each individually in the movie for a total of 5 minutes.

Did you know almost all of this year’s Best Picture nods are based on books?  Make sure to read our Read Before You Watch post so you’ll be ready for next year’s nominees!

Who do you think will take Best Picture?  Let us know in the comments below!