New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard has a new love in her life! Keep reading to find out just who the man of her dreams is … and don’t forget to download your copy of the latest installment in the One Eyed Jacks series, TAKING FIRE, now!

I have a new man in my life. Yup. After being married to the same GREAT guy for more years than I can fathom, I’ve found someone new. He is SOOO special. He’s got these soulful, poet’s eyes … beautiful curly hair … and though he’s gentle and kind and loving, sometimes the caveman comes out in him – like it did in this picture I snapped the other day.


You just have to love a guy with a big bone, right? Um. Wait. Did I really just say that? Yikes. Well, anyway … We call him Tater (as in salad, or tot, or pie, or sweet) and he’s won both mine and my hubby’s hearts. Not to mention he even has Margaret (our Brittany) and Buddy and Sly (the cats) wrapped around his little tail. Well, maybe not Sly, but Buddy and Tater are pals as you can see in this photo. How cute is that, anyway?

I guess February and Valentine’s Day are synonymous with love so our love affair with Tater is fitting in very nicely. And speaking of love – there’s this other guy and he’s um, well, he makes my heart go haywire and then some. (For decorum’s sake, I’ll avoid any reference to bones here)

His name is Bobbie – Boom-Boom – Taggart and you all are going to get the chance to fall in love with him too if you have a mind to. (I dare you to resist) Taggart stars opposite Talia Levine (a kick ass heroine for a kick ass hero) in the 4th installment of the One-Eyed Jacks series, TAKING FIRE. This dynamic, tough as nails, and emotionally broken duo repeatedly stole my breath as they came alive during the writing of this book about betrayal, retribution and redemption.


For instance, here’s just a snippet of the opening scene where they first meet …

            His name was… Robert Andrew Taggart. Known to his co-workers as Bobby or Boom Boom. It was the boom Talia had to remember to be careful of. He’d been Special Forces, but a mission had gone south a few years ago and he and two of his fellow team members got tagged for the screw up. All three were given less than honorable discharges. Bitter and with no place to go, he’d signed on for military contract work and ended up back in Afghanistan.

            It was his military history and his fall from grace that might work for her. That and something as inherently basic as the difference in their chromosomes. She needed information. He had it. She’d do whatever she had to do to get it.

            “Talia Levine.” She extended her hand.

            His palm was warm and rough and she held on long enough so he’d understand she had something more in mind than drinking together.

            “You’re American, right?”          

            Another engaging grin. “What gave it away?”

            She pushed out a flirty laugh. “Only everything about you.”

            “Yeah, I need to work on that.” He leaned a little closer. “What about you? Can’t place the accent.”

            “I was hoping I didn’t have one.” She smiled again. “I’m from D.C., actually. But of late, Israel, London, Baghdad … anywhere my assignments take me. War correspondent,” she clarified, when he cocked a brow. It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t what had brought her to Kabul. He was.

            “Of course. Why else would a beautiful woman spend time in a sweatbox like this unless she was forced to?”  

            “Not forced,” she corrected. “I volunteered for this assignment.”

He sipped his whiskey, studying her face in a way that made her feel like a mouse in a trap when she was supposed to be doing the trapping.    

            “So you’re one of those.”

            She crinkled her brow. “One of those?”

            “An ‘all for the sake of her career’ woman. Always ready to take reckless chances to get your story.”

            “Now how would you know if I was reckless?”

            “Not to point out the obvious, but you’re in Kabul in the middle of a war zone. And you’re coming on to a stranger in a bar.”

            “Wow.” She feigned insult. “That’s harsh.”

            “That’s life,” he said with a shrug. “No insult intended. Maybe a little wishful thinking, though. You were coming on to me, right?”

            She sipped her wine, aware of his gaze on her face. “I was still deciding.”


May I just say: YIKES!! Is there chemistry or is there chemistry? And intrigue. And… well, I hope you all decide to find out for yourselves. 🙂   And yeah! TAKING FIRE is out this month so you don’t have to wait!

Think spring, everyone!! And happy reading.


Cindy Gerard