Flirting with FameWhen you read a super vivid, imaginative story, you often can’t help casting the main characters in your head–and usually the lead male hero isn’t being played by anyone you know in real life :). Author Samantha Joyce–whose book, FLIRTING WITH FAME, is out February 29th from Pocket Star–does just that in this post! Keep reading to see who she’d cast as the characters in her inventive, charming New Adult novel about one shy, secret author who’s given an unexpected chance to emerge from the shadows…

Every author, of course, has the dream that one day their book will be turned into a movie or television show. Heck, in FLIRTING WITH FAME that is exactly what happens. Except, it’s more of a nightmare than a dream for my super-shy and secretive main character, Elise. That didn’t stop me from coming up with my own dream cast for the book. I’m excited to share some of the famous faces who provided inspiration for my characters.



I think Katie Leclerc from Switched at Birth would be an amazing Elise. She actually looks exactly how I imagined Elise, except with obvious scarring on her face and torso. Katie’s also Hard of Hearing, which I feel would be important when casting that role. I’d want Elise to be as authentic to her character in the book as possible, which would mean casting a Deaf or Hard of Hearing actress.

Katie LeClerc


For celebrity heartthrob Gavin Hartley, I needed a guy hot enough to smolder off of TV and movie screens, but also seem sweet and down to earth. Oh, and he had to have a HOT bod, since Gavin spends a lot of the book shirtless. Ian Somerhalder definitely fit that bill. In fact, I was watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries when I came up with Gavin’s character profile, so a lot of Ian (especially his eyes and abs!) made it into the book.




Elise’s Broadway-bound BFF, Jin, was one of my favorite characters to write. Like me, he’s obsessed with musicals and loves being on stage. And when it comes to his friendship with Elise, he would do anything for her. The actor I could envision playing Jin would definitely be Harry Shum Jr., of Glee. Harry is not only good-looking, but he’s a dancer, like Jin, and can go from being in the spotlight to sweetness in a heartbeat.



Chris Carmack, from Nashville fame, would make the perfect wannabe cowboy (and classmate to Elise), Clint. He has that boyish charm you can’t help but swoon over. Clint was one of those strange characters that I wasn’t sure people would get. He has this quirky “I don’t care what people think about me” personality, and this makes him such an asset for Elise to have around—if she could just stop getting so flustered around him.

Clint Carmack


She’s a model, as opposed to an actress, but Ashley Graham would be my perfect Reggie. Beautiful and curvy, Ashley owns who she is, just like Reggie. She’d be the perfect fun roommate who makes it her mission to bring Elise out of her shell, no matter how hard Elise resists.

Ashley Graham

Veronica is the villain and is the toughest for me to cast. She’s stunning and is Elise’s opposite in so many ways. I’d probably pick Leighton Meester for the role. Not only is beautiful, but she showed us on Gossip Girl she’s good at playing bad. Veronica also has layers to her (which we’ll learn more about in the second book), and Leighton has the kind of depth to make us wonder what is driving the bad girl to do and say the things she does.




Elise’s American Lit professor is also her author hero. He’s sweet and funny, and troubled as he hasn’t written a new novel in years. He becomes a confidante for Elise and is someone she has admired from afar for a long time. I can see Jon Hamm as Duncan perfectly. He has the exact persona of the professor, and the looks to go with it! I mean, who doesn’t love having a hot professor to look at?

jon hamm


So, these are just some of my dream cast members. I had a lot of fun trying to come up with them (and getting to look at all these pretty people), but I always love hearing who others envisioned in the cast as they read my book.

Thanks so much for having me drop by!