Flying CircusXOXOAD is happy to welcome Susan Crandall to the blog today! Susan is the author of the acclaimed bestseller Whistling Past the Graveyard; her latest book, The Flying Circus, is now available in trade paperback (with a gorgeous new cover!). We asked her what she’s reading in the wake of Valentine’s Day, and you might be surprised at her answer!

Too many hearts and roses?

Is there such a thing? For the last couple of weeks, the general atmosphere has been dedicated to love and happy endings (and chocolate), thanks to St. Valentine. And while I’ve voraciously consumed many a wonderful romance, I have decided to follow up this lovefest holiday by planting my feet on shakier ground, at least in my reading. An intellectual palate cleansing of sorts.

As a kid, I loved watching those cheesy B horror movies that populated matinees and late shows. I spent many a Saturday afternoon staring up at the big screen watching black-and-white images of my beloved Vincent Price. And don’t get me started on The Twilight Zone! I can still remember many, many of those episodes in surprising detail, even though I haven’t seen them for decades.

And so, the book currently sitting on my nightstand, offering an antidote to the lovefest, is Stephen King’s, REVIVAL. I admit to being a very eclectic reader and have enjoyed many a Stephen King novel. One of my all time favorites is THE STAND. That man really knows how to tell a story. REVIVAL spans several decades and is peopled with troubled and interesting characters. I’m early in the chapters but am intrigued to discover how our hero, young Jamie Morton (King is the master of the pre-adolescent point-of-view), will be changed by the shadow cast by the new local preacher, Charles Jacobs. This book promises to explore some of our deep and dark questions about addiction and the many different meanings of the word “revival.” I look forward to bedtime tonight, so I can find out more.Revival Stand King

Since the publication of THE FLYING CIRCUS, a roaring twenties story of love, loss and redemption featuring three remarkable daredevils, I’m often asked if I’m a person who embraces risk, who seeks thrills through danger, extreme sports and the like. As much as I’m enamored of the idea of cutting a hell-raising, adventurous swath through life, I’ve always been honest and said, “Just the opposite. I’m boring and safe.” Now, as I look at myself through the prism of this article, I think I do like the risk, I just prefer vicarious thrills, to take the journey with those braver souls though story.

Which still makes me boring and safe, I suppose.