Katy Evan’s 6th book in The Real series, Legend, contains one of the sexiest fighters we’ve ever see, Maverick.  Forget Rocky, he’s the real MVP of your heart.  Luckily, Katy Evans has written a little Tinder bio for Maverick, so make sure to swipe right!




Usually when I start a book, I begin with just a kernel of an idea. For REAL, all I knew was that my hero, the raw and primal Remington Tate, wanted to be someone’s real – not their adventure, not the best sex of their lives, not a fling. And he didn’t just want anyone, he wanted HER, Brooke Dumas.


For LEGEND, it happened in much the same way. All I knew was that Maverick “The Avenger” Cage wanted to be a legend. His reasons were simple, but so very powerful. After being underestimated, undervalued, and not-good-enough for so long, he was thirsting to prove that he’s better than anyone, including himself, ever thought.

Maverick is so unlike my other heroes. Typically, my heroes are at the top of their games. They are either wealthy (but lack love–that one thing that makes rich men truly “wealthy”), or they are at the top of their games (legends, already made). Maverick, though, is my youngest hero and we meet him during the process of becoming—becoming stronger, better, becoming the man he wants to be.

He stole my heart.


His passion, his fight—not merely in the ring, but his fight to prove his worth—is so inspiring. It even impressed the champion, Remington Tate himself. So much so, that he takes him under his wing. In LEGEND, every character is undergoing a process of change. Maverick, his girl Reese, his coach Oz, and Remington Tate, the already established champion who we all love.

I truly hope that you all have the same epic, beautiful experience reading this book that I had writing it. It is one of the purest books I’ve ever written. Nothing was drastically changed or over-thought. I accepted and embraced the story as it came, and its unfiltered, sparkling essence was what I endeavored to put down on the page for you.

So, happy reading. I hope that tonight you’ll find out why, exactly, Maverick Cage is up on that ring with our beloved champ.