XOXOAD is happy to welcome a guest author to the blog this morning! K.A. Tucker is the author of He Will Be My Ruin, available now in hardcover wherever books are sold. Be sure to check out He Will Be My Ruin in the Crave Romance app (http://thisiscrave.com)! Plus, leave a comment on this post to be entered in our sweepstakes! You could win one of two signed copies of K.A.’s new book (Matt Bomer not included).


He Will Be My Ruin started with a thread of an idea (as all my books tend to begin) about two sisters, one of them dying under suspicious circumstances. I knew there would be a man involved, a cryptic note, and heavy elements of suspense to drive the plot forward, but beyond that I hadn’t figured much of anything out. I knew I wouldn’t until I actually started writing it.

The idea of Celine as a budding antiques appraiser didn’t hit me until I made the mistake of turning on Netflix and watching an episode of White Collar, a show based on a (somewhat) reformed con artist who helps the FBI solve criminal cases involving high priced arts and antiquities.

I know better than to turn on Netflix while I’m in the midst of writing, and yet I did it anyway.

My manuscript was summarily shoved aside while I began my binge-watching session, devouring the entire series in a week, caught in this fascinating world that I knew nothing about (well, if I’m being entirely honest, it was the fascinating world of Matt Bomer that first captured my attention, but the show’s storyline soon won me over.)

Then, as is usually the case, I opened up Google and started researching—reading real criminal cases and surprising finds, learning about the various eras and categories, the black market, and the historical relevance of certain pieces. I scoured eBay and Sotheby’s to see what people were trying to sell…and what people were willing to pay.

As I soon discovered, the drama of the art world isn’t just a fictional TV-universe thing. It’s real, it’s interesting, and it was something I could see working well within my story. Basically, my Netflix binge watching addiction sparked a key narrative arc in He Will Be My Ruin.

I don’t want to divulge too much here for fear of spoiling the novel (you’ll have to read it to find out more!), but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed creating the story surrounding Celine’s prize find (which is entirely fictional). It introduces readers to a world they are likely not familiar with, and (hopefully) takes them on a fresh, unique, spellbinding journey.

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