Crave logoEven romance fans who are happily partnered up can admit that reality doesn’t always measure up to the fantasy in our favorite books. The new romance content app, Crave, gets it…and they’ve even drawn us the pictures to prove it! Enjoy, and then read on to learn more about Crave Romance…

Crave A

Crave B

Crave D

Crave F

Crave C

Crave E

Crave G

If that doesn’t spark a craving or two, we don’t know what will! Crave Romance sends its subscribers content from fan-fave romance authors like Colleen Hoover, one chapter at a time, weeks before the book lands on bookstore shelves.

Yeah, yeah, reading on your phone, that’s old news, but subscribers also get special videos, text messages and more from the author…or even better, from your book boyfriend himself! If you’d like to learn more, you can watch the following trailer, or visit their site at

What books (or book boyfriends!) are YOU craving?