New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase stopped by XOXOAD to chat about saying goodbye to her second series and yet another favorite set of characters. Download the latest book in her Legal Briefs series, APPEALED, today!

This week, Appealed, the third full length book in The Legal Briefs Series will be published. It’s both amazing and bittersweet to me. Amazing, because a few years ago, my loftiest writing aspiration was simply to hold a book that I had written in my hands. Everything that came after has been truly beyond my wildest dreams.

And then, with Overruled (the first book in the Legal Briefs Series), my readers opened their hearts to new characters and had as much fun reading their one-liners, screw-ups, sexy times, triumphs, and heartwarming journeys as I did writing them.

But here’s where the bittersweet comes in. Because Appealed, Brent Mason’s story, is the conclusion – the final full-length book. He wraps it all up, ties everything together – the last lines of Appealed are exactly how I’d envisioned ending the series from the very beginning. Once again, it’s time to say goodbye to a group of characters who have come to feel like friends.

Brent’s story feels particularly poignant – and a long-time coming. Because, like so many of you, I’ve completely adored him since the first time he appeared in Overruled. The way he was there for his friends – a shoulder to cry on, a hand giving a much needed push, but most of all – a teasing, joking bringer of smiles. It’s Brent’s humor that leaps off the page. He has an energy – warm, loyal, devoted, dependable. Giving up is not a concept he’s familiar with, so we as readers are reassured that when Brent is around, he would never let any situation get so dire that he couldn’t turn it into a punchline.

It’s funny how stories come about – how characters develop. In some ways, at least for me, it’s out of an author’s hands. The characters are born in my mind with their own eye color, hair color, features and distinct personalities. I knew from the start that Stanton would be southern, and Jake would have gray eyes, and Brent would, at times, use a wheelchair. He was using it, in the very first scene I imagined – where he was in a law office, popping a wheelie.

Because, as he would say, that’s just how he rolls.

When I developed Brent’s story, I didn’t set out to write a hero with a disability, but that characteristic was a part of him – an aspect of his life, a piece of his character, a part of who he is. But not all he is. Not even close.

As we finish the Legal Briefs Series, and say ‘see you later’ to this fun, fascinating, hilarious group, I’m grateful to my amazing readers for falling in love with these characters and taking their journeys right along with me. It’s an honor and a thrill to entertain you with my stories – and I absolutely cannot wait to show you what I have in store for you next!