BowieWe woke today to the sad news that David Bowie had passed away. What an amazing chameleon of an artist he was! Whether you loved him best for “Space Oddity” or his Ziggy Stardust phase or his movie roles, it seems there’s a version of Bowie for everyone.

But the Bowie I remember will always be Jareth–the sexy, dangerous Goblin King who strode across the screen in Labyrinth, luring young Jennifer Connelly to an unknown fate. Of course, that movie hit at the perfect time for an awkward adolescent who was still struggling to figure out boys…but even then, I was thinking, “Really? You’re going to take the baby and leave THAT behind?”

Bowie pantsHis magnetism was irresistible, even wearing a crazy wig and surrounded by puppets. (Somehow he made you believe that was just a Tuesday night in the Bowie household.) And I’m not the only one who felt that way, as evidenced by the fact that when you Google Bowie + labyrinth, an entire image subset is just labeled “PANTS.”

So for all of the Labyrinth fans out there, let’s raise a glass to the wonderful, weird, wicked David Bowie, and have one last dance…

RIP, David.