Another year coming to a close = another opportunity for a slew of fresh wishes and resolutions for the year ahead, right? Right! They don’t call it ‘New Year, New You’ for nothing. Today we have Dani-Lyn Alexander, author of the charming, heartwarming holiday story THE NEW YEAR’S WISH, to discuss her resolutions for 2016. Keep reading below and download her novella today, available from Pocket Star!

With New Year’s Eve come the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions! In The New Year’s Wish, Olivia is determined to see her New Year’s Resolution become a reality, whether she has the skills to pull it off or not. When I began writing The New Year’s Wish, I started to think about what goes into making a resolution. Every year my list of resolutions is pretty much the same. When I started promoting The New Year’s Wish, I often asked readers, what are your New Year’s resolutions? The results vary from blog to blog, but the overwhelming majority of people said they’d like to lose weight, exercise more, be more organized, make better use of their time, save money, all the same resolutions I make every year.

I think many of us rattle off a list of resolutions with no clear idea of how we will keep them. I’ve decided this year, rather than just making a resolution, I’m going to come up with a plan to make my resolutions work. My first step is to set realistic goals. I don’t think I’m going to miraculously develop enough self-control to bypass a chocolate cake just because it’s a new year. I could be wrong, but it hasn’t worked for the past…well…however many years, so it probably won’t work this year either. Instead of making my resolution to lose weight, I’m going to eat healthier. Hopefully, weight loss will come with healthier eating, but if not, at least maybe I’ll feel better and have more energy. If I go for the fruits and veggies first, maybe I’ll be full enough after them to skip the cookies.

I’m going to put five dollars a week in an envelope to save. It’s not a lot, and I probably won’t miss it much, but maybe if I can put five dollars away, I can increase it to ten or fifteen. Starting out small and having realistic expectations seems a more manageable plan.

Being more organized doesn’t come quite as easily, and I definitely function better when things are organized. So I tried to think about why I’m so unorganized. I decided I’m not managing my time well enough, like when I sit down to write and check my social media and email first. Of course, emails have to be answered, so I take care of that. And social media, well, that’s about the biggest time suck ever. As soon as I sign on the IMs start, then there’s posts to reply to and groups to post to. This might be the hardest to keep, but I will manage my time better. When I sit down to write, I’ll write first, then check emails and social media. Who knows? Maybe it’ll motivate me to write faster.

What are some of your resolutions for the coming New Year? Do you have a plan to help you achieve your goals? Let me know!