searching-for-you-9781501123009_lgStuck in a snowstorm? No need to fear with these handy tips on surviving and thriving in a snowfall, from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst! Check out her e-novella SEARCHING FOR YOU, on sale now from Pocket Star, and the other books in her Searching For series!

My novella, Searching for You, takes place when my hero and heroine are stranded in a snowstorm. Now, since it’s fiction, I put them in a million dollar house that rivals the castle from Beauty & The Beast, with a full ice skating rink decked out in holiday glory, and of course, they’re both rich so my readers get to peek into the magnificent castle and stroll through the rooms, and eat at the football field length dining room table while the snow falls nonstop outside. Sigh. Sheer perfection.

But let’s be honest. Most of us who get trapped in a snowstorm don’t get to experience anything that fabulous. A very good reason, dear readers, you read books. For the escape.

To help out everyone as we prepare for the blizzards coming our way, I’ve made my personal countdown of the top five things to do in a snowstorm. Here we go…

  1. EAT

That’s right. Eat. A lot. I’m talking raid the refrigerator, dip Hershey’s chocolate into a tub of peanut butter, douse the hot cocoa with marshmallows type of eating. Or cheese and carbs! Slather the pub cheese or a gorgeous brie on those crackers and keep on snacking. You’ll get a fabulous sugar high to carry you through the hours, and when you crash you can always cuddle up under a blanket and sleep it off.

  1. DRINK

Preferably alcohol. I remember my grandmother used to give me these wicked hot toddies in the winter when I had a cold. I thought they were pure magic as a child. When I grew up, I realized they had eighty percent alcohol and I was drunk off my ass and she was a very, very, smart woman. Anyway, I like to uncork champagne when it snows. Now, if you don’t drink alcohol (I’m sorry), you can still get the hot cocoa or sparkly cider in a champagne flute or go online and find a fab recipe and do it up right.

  1. SING

Okay, I’m tone deaf, but let’s be honest. How much fun is it to belt out carols like there’s no one watching while stranded in a storm? We all have our faves, so I power up my iPhone or my Echo and start the show. My poor children…


We never have enough time, do we? Suddenly hours stretch ahead of us like a gift, and there’s no better time to watch a holiday movie. I’m talking A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, The Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, and The Year Without a Santa Clause (Snow Miser is the best no matter what you say!).

And the number one thing to do in a snowstorm is…drum roll….


I’m a romance writer, aren’t I? And sex while the snow falls softly and silently outside, bringing a magical winter wonderland to life, is a perfect time to indulge. Whether it’s naughty or nice, sex comes in at number one!

I hope you enjoyed the countdown and check out all the holiday stories from Baby It’s Cold Outside, now available in digital everywhere!

Happy Holidays everyone!