reading by fire If you find yourself as pressed for time as we do in the run-up to the holidays, you’re probably sacrificing reading time for shopping, decorating, visits and other end-of-year tasks. But you can still steal a little bite-sized romance for yourself, in the form of delightful short stories like this one from bestselling author Melody Anne!

“Safe in His Arms” originally appeared in the Baby, It’s Cold Outside anthology last year (a great choice if you DO have time for a longer read!) and now you can buy it on its own, like a little fiction bonbon! Featuring Hawk Winchester, hunky fireman in the small town of Sterling, MT, and Natalie Duncan, the new schoolteacher in town, this story not only introduces Melody’s “Unexpected Heroes” series, but will warm the cockles of even the chilliest heart.

So this holiday, remember to steal away for a little me-time. XOXOAD wishes you wonderful stories, both short and long!safe in his arms