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Everyone who’s anyone knows that the holidays can be anything but cheery for the woman of the household–with large meals to prepare, visiting family members to accommodate, children on break from school, etc., it can feel like pretty much nonstop action from Thanksgiving right up until that ball drops on New Year’s Eve. LADIES OF THE HOUSE, take note: you deserve presents, and by presents, I mean worship. But, in case your man is displaying a bit of indecision/inaction in purchasing you those rightly-deserved goodies (what?! A man procrastinating?? Is this the Twilight Zone??), I’ve created a handy little list of the top 5 gifts you need to request–read: demand– like, yesterday:

#1) Massage. Back aching from standing in the kitchen whipping up delicacies, wrapping presents, decorating the tree (you TOLD your guy he should have invested in a ladder this year, but noo)? Make sure you get a gift certificate for a nice, long, relaxing massage at a spa for a day of much-earned pampering! 

#2) Mani/pedi. To go along with the massage, obvi– because what’s a spa day without some pretty painted fingers and toes? Make this a must-have on your gift list.

#3)  Jewelry. Nothing says “thanks for all you do” like those sapphire drop earrings you’ve been eyeing. And hey, if a printout of those luxurious jewels just HAPPENS to find their way under your guy’s pillow? Well, blame it on a subtle hint from Santa.

#4) Cleaning service. You are not, you are NOT, taking up a broom/mop/duster/insert other cleaning apparatus at any point following the holidays. Get that service up in here!   

#5) An IOU coupon book from your kids listing all the things they plan to do for you. JK, everyone knows ‘coupon books’ come to fruition just about as often as Santa Claus trooping into your house to eat the cookies and milk you left out for “him” (I’m looking at you, Mom). If you’re presented with this farce of a gift, call BS and put everyone in your household on the naughty list immediately.

REAL #5) Designer bag. Yaaaaaas, Mama, you DO need to tell your significant other about that RLL handbag you’ve had in your online shopping cart for the past four months. So what if that buttery color will never make it past the first kid-friendly snack you stuff in there? It’s the holidays!! Go wild! 

DO NOT let yourself get roped into: 1) A gym membership; 2) A juicing GroupOn; 3) A puppy.

Happy holidays!!

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