In Arrow’s Hell, as the younger sister of a Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club member, Anna’s always kept out of the loop. And forget about having any sense of privacy or even trying to date. Men who know who she is tend to run the other way. And the members of Wind Dragons are off-limits, courtesy of her overprotective brother, Rake. But when sexy and brooding member Arrow catches her eye, she can’t resist him. After learning about his past girlfriend’s brutal murder, Anna wants to make him happy again. Even if it means putting her heart at risk. And pissing off her brother . . .


PG-13 excerpt:

As we pull up at my house I murmur a thank-you and get off the bike as quickly as it comes to a standstill, but Arrow doesn’t let me get away that easily. To my surprise, he slides off his bike and pulls me to him. Taking the helmet from my hands, he leans down and stares into my eyes.

“F*ck,” he whispers.


“This is a bad idea.”

“What is?” I ask, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. I can’t think straight with him being so close to me.

Then, catching me off guard, he grazes his lips against mine. Subtly at first, a chaste kiss. A sweet kiss. But then that kiss changes.

And I become lost.

Arrow is kissing me.

I can’t count how many times I’ve dreamed of this moment.

How much I wanted it, and now it was mine.

Sucking on my upper lip and then my lower lip, his tongue begs entrance. I open my mouth to him, inviting him in, giving him everything he wants and more. His fingers grip my nape, and mine rest on his biceps. I knew it would be like this with him—passionate. Hungry. Greedy.

I knew it.

And now that I’ve tasted it, I want to keep it.

He pulls away much too soon for my liking, his gaze lowered onto my mouth.

I take a step back, shocked by what happened, but he reaches for me.

“Need to tell you something,” he says, grabbing my wrist firmly yet gently.

“What?” I whisper, looking up at him. The moonlight shines on his face, and he seems to be searching for the right words to say.

“I’m not the man for you,” he says quietly. “I’m not a good man, and I’m not saying that I’m bad, but . . . I’m bad for you.”

“Then why did you just kiss me?” I ask.

I should feel embarrassed about his acknowledging that he knows I like him, but I’m grateful for his candor. This needs to be out in the open no matter what the outcome.

“I needed to kiss you, even if it was just once,” he replied as he stroked my cheek. “I’m a selfish f*ck.”


X-Rated excerpt:

I stand up and yell at the top of my lungs, “ENOUGH!”

Surprisingly they both turn to me.

“Enough,” I say again, my voice shaky. I grab a first-aid kit from the bathroom, then tend to Arrow’s face. Rake already has two women fussing over him. I gently cup Arrow’s face, lifting it up for me to inspect closely. I don’t like seeing him hurt, even though I now know to expect this kind of sh*t.

“F*cking stupid,” I mutter to myself, wiping the blood away and checking out the cut. It looks painful, but he is acting like he can’t feel a thing.

He smiles, blood on his teeth. “Nothing like a good fight.”

I wrinkle my nose and look over his ribs. “Anything else hurt?”

He shakes his head and gets on his feet. “I’m fine, now let’s go to bed.”

My head snaps to him. “I’m sorry?”

He smirks. “I’ll full of adrenaline, darlin’, and I won the prize. Now let’s go f*ck.”

He’s so romantic.


I look around to see everyone watching us.

“Don’t you all have things to do?” I ask the peanut gallery.

Faye shakes her head and grins.

Arrow, apparently done waiting, lifts me in his arms and carries me bride style to my bedroom. Throwing me on the bed, he braces himself over me and kisses me, wincing a little because of his cut lip.

“If you’re not up for this, Arrow . . .” I tease, lifting my hips up and feeling just how much he wants this. “I can take care of it myself.”

“No chance in hell, darlin’,” he replies with a smirk, then undoes my jeans and slides them off. Next to go is my black tank top, my bra, and then last of all my panties. I lie there, completely bare before him, but instead of feeling shy, I feel empowered by the look in his eyes.

He likes what he sees, and I like that he likes what he sees.

I lick at my bottom lip. He doesn’t miss the motion.

“So worth the wait,” he says in a low rumble. “So worth it.”

“Glad to please,” I whisper. “Now your turn.”

He takes off his jeans. He isn’t wearing any underwear.

My mouth waters at the size of his c*ck, my eyes widening.

Now that is a c*ck.

Before I’m finished with my perusal, he lies down and rolls me on top of him.

“I want to enjoy this view,” he says as his thumbs swipe over my nipples. “Kiss me.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice.

I lean down and kiss his mouth gently, as his hands wander, not leaving any part of me untouched.

“Love this ass,” he sighs, feeling each cheek and slapping twice for good measure. “I want to be inside you, Anna.”

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