DK_BrandColorHeadshotToday we’re happy to welcome Deborah King to the blog! Deborah is a New York Times best-selling author, renowned spiritual leader, and the world’s leading authority on energy healing. 

When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her 20s, Deborah was forced to evaluate her lifestyle, priorities, and unresolved issues from her past.  Deborah saw her illness as a wake-up call that inspired huge shifts in her life. The first was to meet with an energy healer. As a once scientifically minded attorney, she opened herself up to bigger possibilities for the first time.

 Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, Deborah turned to alternative medicine and experienced a miraculous remission at the hands of her healer. After her recovery, she realized that doing her best to ignore problems and unresolved emotions all her life had led her to the point of illness, addiction, and turmoil. The experience left her determined to master healing energy and share it with the world. She is now teaching an online course called Energy Healing Cleanse–you can find out more about the course here

We asked Deborah to talk to us about the role of energy in love and dating, and as you can see, she delivered! Enjoy…

Are you looking for a loving companion, sexy partner or nurturing soulmate to share your life with? Most people would say that maintaining healthy and lasting relationships is their most difficult task.

I believe that landing a loving life partner can be easy when you know a little about energy healing. I’ve been a master energy healer for many years and it’s helped me to keep lasting relationships with everyone in my life—my husband of many years as well as my parents, friends, relatives, co-workers and even the FedEx guy!

That’s because whenever there are two people interacting on any level, whether they’re shooting the breeze, exchanging glances or sending signals through their body language, there is an interchange of energy between them. And when you learn more about this energy and how it works, you’ll be able to attract more loving and positive relationships into your life.

I’ve written several books about energy healing and I’ve taught many courses about this groundbreaking field, but I don’t usually talk about my own personal relationships. So when I was asked to contribute an article to this website—“XOXO After Dark,” I turned 50 shades of red!

I have been married for what I lovingly call “forever” to my husband Eric and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me, it’s the perfect relationship. He is always by my side, he supports me in all my work, he keeps me balanced and knows exactly when I need a laugh, a quiet moment at home or a tranquil hike in the backcountry.

Eric and I understand each other and our needs and have this strong and compassionate energy that binds us. There are times I’m onstage teaching a workshop and when I look out into the audience, I catch a glimpse of my loving and supportive Eric. He’s taking photos, helping someone or just giving me that “you’re knocking it out of the ballpark” smile. These special moments make me feel so blessed to have this man in my life.

How did it happen? How did Eric come along just when I needed him? How did I attract this nurturing man into my life?

When I look back, I remember being single, alone and pretty messed up. At the time, I thought I’d never meet anyone with all the baggage and unresolved issues I lugged around.

Then I found out about energy healing and how this revolutionary field could help me bring more love into my life. Here are the 3 things I learned to open up my heart for a loving new relationship.
1) Make Room for Someone New.

Do you remember your first car? You were so attached to it, you didn’t want to let it go. Even though it didn’t run very well and needed some fixing, you still kept it in your garage. Well, that’s how it is with relationships. You keep hanging on when they aren’t working. If you don’t rid of these old worn-out ones, you’re not going to have room for a new one. Wouldn’t you like one that’s running well and doesn’t need so much maintenance?

When I let go of the relationships that were making me miserable, I created a space for love to come in. That’s when Eric came along. If you can clear away what doesn’t work for you and make room for someone new and wonderful, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they show up.

2) Learn to Love Yourself First

You’ve heard this many times, but it’s really true. How can you honestly believe that someone will love you, warts and all, if you don’t love the magnificent human being that you are? I used to have very low self-esteem until I learned to look in the mirror and love that wonderful person looking back at me! That’s the secret to all relationships. If you love yourself and feel worthy of being loved, you will break down the walls to your heart.

3) Do The Work

You’re not going to meet a charming new love if you’re spending your time sulking at home in front of your TV with your chin in a pint of Häagen Daz. Relationships take energy and work. Get out of the house and start doing something you love. These activities will fuel you with more energy and help you to shine. This new radiant YOU will begin attracting all kinds of loving relationships.

I challenge you to try one of these tips today. Before you know it, you’ll be the one contributing the next article to this website—and perhaps with juicier details!

To learn the secret to all relationships, join Deborah King in her online course, Energy Healing Cleanse.