RightWhereYouAreSo why is everyone so obsessed with second chances, anyways? Author L.E. Bross answers that question for us today and discusses how second chances play into the hook for her all-new, steamy, emotional New Adult novel RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, the first book in the Second Chances series, out today from Pocket Star eBooks! And don’t forget to one-click the sequel, WHATEVER IT TAKES, out next month!

A second chance can come at any time, in any place. It doesn’t have to be in love either, it can be with anything. The thing about second chances is that you may get it right that next time around, or you might not. It’s the old, “you never know until you try try again” adage.  (Okay, so I may have combined a couple of sayings to get that!)

But really, there is something about watching a character in a movie or book fail, be it because of a choice they made or because of circumstance, and then try again and succeed. The love affair that had bad timing which comes together years later by a weird coincidence; or a dream job miss that turned out even better down the road. In a really good story, we root for them along the way and are invested in them reaching their goal.

Think about some of your favorite movies that have the second chance theme. Some of my favorites are Grease (a move stateside makes a summer romance even bigger), Groundhog Day (technically Bill Murray gets about a hundred chances, but still..), Peggy Sue Got Married (she gets to see how it could have been), and Before Sunset (missed connection and we weep for the characters until…)

There are hundreds more movies and I’m sure I’ll remember them long after this post but what I love about them is that the characters get to make new choices that change how they act/see things/REact to get where they originally wanted to go. The growth oftentimes even shows us the reader or watcher why it would not have been a good thing had they succeeded the first time around. Then we get to cheer and cry along with them as they finally find what they’ve been looking for! (at least we hope.)

In RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE both Avery and Seth have things that happen in their life that suck. Through no fault of their own, they experience betrayal and heartache, which shapes their choices from that moment on. The easy choice is to give up; to say that it’s not worth the effort and simply accept how things are. They could…but they don’t. They fight, and make more bad choices, and fight harder. That’s the beauty of watching them finally succeed at whatever level they do.

That’s the beauty of second chances. They give you closure and hopefully, if you have your own second chance in life, your happy ever after.