Fangs for the MemoriesWe asked Molly Harper, author of the delightfully off-kilter Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, to write us a post about romance. Naturally, the person who wrote books like NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS and FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES thought instantly of vampires–and she had a lot to say on the subject. Take it away, Molly!

So what I realized while compiling this was, there aren’t a lot of couples in vampire movies that I like. I’m a weird shipper. I want to pair off people who are never going to get together. Or the people who I like together get eaten by the vampires. (Farewell, Eben from 30 Days of Night.) So here are the couples that meet my high standards:

Pike and Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Movie) – Yes, that was “Pike” and Luke Perry Pike not “Spike” because this is a vampire MOVIES list, not TV shows. I loved Luke Perry’s turn as the sarcastic voice of reason in Joss Whedon’s first volley into the vampire world. (“You’re floating! Get away from me!”) He was the perfect practical counterbalance to Buffy’s heroic need to charge in to situations with nothing more than her keen fashion sense. Also, high school freshman Molly Harper harbored a secret crush on Luke Perry, which I didn’t want to admit to because EVERYBODY loved 90210 and I was just stubborn enough not to want to like it, too.

Dracula and MaryDracula and Mary (Dracula 2000) – I don’t care that he was evil and killed her dad and her friends and… basically everybody she knew. They had some heat in those hallucinogenic love scenes. And they seemed to be the mina and jonathanonly reasonably intelligent people in this movie. Also, Gerard Butler. In a long black coat. I rest my case.

Mina and Jonathan (Dead and Loving It) – Yes, it’s a parody and maybe shouldn’t be on this list. But parody Mina and Jonathan with the wackiness and the projectile blood to the face, they still showed more chemistry than Keanu and Winona. And they made me laugh, intentionally, as opposed to the inadvertent giggles I got from Keanu Reeves’ wooden British accent.

Danica and HannibalHannibal King and Danica Talos (Blade: Trinity) – Even though they clearly had some relationship problems, like Danica turning Hannibal into her unwilling blood-bag for years, and siccing a possessed Pomeranian on him. I wanted those two crazy kids to make it. Their barbs and quips were too fantastic to fade in ex-nothingness. Imagine the wedding vows they could write to each other.

Max and Lucy (The Lost Boys) – I think Max’s plans to turn Lucy and her sons into part of his evil blood-sucking family would turned out just fine if she’d just let him explain himself. I mean, come on, she’s a single mom whose teenage son takes bubble baths while singing froggy songs. She didn’t have a lot of options.Max and Lucy

Do you have a favorite vampire couple not on this list? Let us know in the comments!