The next time someone tells you romance only exists in books, have them read this. New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton has found her real-life happy ever after and is currently on her honeymoon in the beautiful Hawaiian islands! But even on her honeymoon, Alice is thinking about her fans, so she sent us an update from paradise (plus some envy-inducing pics!).


I’m literally on my honeymoon RIGHT NOW even as we speak, and since Mr. Alice is downstairs reserving us a beach side cabana at the moment, I thought I’d duck in here and say a quick howdy do!

Some of you know that I’ve been waiting to marry Mr. Alice since I was 16 years old. So, like, two years ago…

It’s true, we’ve been together on and off, but mostly on, for almost TWENTY FIVE YEARS. And now, he’s officially and legally Mr. Alice.

           IMG_5202 (3)

IMG_5241 (2)IMG_5240 (2)







And Mr. Alice and I have been enjoying the hell out of the beautiful island of Kauai for almost a week now. But the fun’s not over…not even close. In a few days we’re taking this party over to the island of Maui for another week of fun in the sun.

Before this trip, we had a list of things we wanted to do on our honeymoon…besides the obvious. Snorkeling, deep sea fishing, ziplining, helicopter tour, etc. Here’s what we’ve accomplished.

Breakfast around ten am each day.IMG_5208 (2)

Lazing around the pool at the Grand Hyatt for hours at a time.FullSizeRender (10)

Dropping the top and cruising up the coast for hours at a time.FullSizeRender (8)

Eating Puka Dogs like someone is going to take them away from us.FullSizeRender (5)

That’s about it. Seriously. Other than the helicopter ride (which only Mr. Alice went on, since I was pretty sure I’d get motion sickness, not great on a honeymoon) we’ve done nothing on our list. But we’re having the best time.

Part of why we’re having such a great time is there is a wonderful group of ladies back home that are holding down the Alice fort for me, and helping to spread the word about my new book NUTS, which launched 4 days after I got married.

FullSizeRender (2) The amazing Nina Bocci helped put this together, and wrangle my bridesmaids from all over the globe.

Thank you a thousand times over to

Christina Lauren
Emma Chase
Anna Todd
RK Lilley
Kristin Proby
Kristy Bromberg
Elle Kennedy
Jen Frederick
Debra Anastasia
Helena Hunting
Jodi Ellen Malpas
Leisa Rayven,
Jasinda Wilder
Tara Sue Me
Samantha Young
Kresley Cole
Katy Evans
Jennifer Probst

These ladies played all over my Facebook and helped promote this book so that I could actually relax and enjoy my honeymoon, and for that I’m extremely thankful. Thankful enough to bring home souvenirs for everyone (dancing hula girls for all of your dashboards coming right up!) I’m literally so happy right now I could bust. It’s either happiness or the seven macadamia nut waffles with coconut syrup I just ate for breakfast….you know what, let’s go with happiness.

One more group of people that I have to send a very heartfelt thank you to. The book bloggers, websites and voracious reading community that have read and loved NUTS. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading your words, excitement and Leo love.

So far, it looks like I got my happy ending:)

….wait, that didn’t sound quite right….