It’s the day before Halloween, and you say you still haven’t decided what your costume will be? Well, maybe you just need a little inspiration! We drew ours from the world of Half-Moon Hollow, Molly Harper’s fictional Kentucky town where supernatural creatures come out at night, but their necks are still pretty red. In honor of her brand-new HMH book, Single Undead Moms Club, we thought we’d round up some suggestions (and of course, pictures!) for you last-minute trick-or-treaters. Boo!

Of course, any trip through Half Moon Hollow has to start with Jane Jameson, the original Nice Girl. Jane was a children’s librarian until she was accidentally shot by a drunk hunter who decided she was a deer–vampire Gabriel  turned her to save her, and eventually the two of them fell in love. You could go the usual 18th-century costume route, or take a more modern approach like the picture below. I bet she never has to shush anyone more than once!

Vampire Louna – Deadly Librarian by Darkest-B4-Dawn on DeviantArt

Jane’s not the only vamp in town, of course–in Half Moon Hollow, vampires have come out of the coffin and live side by side with humans, peaceably (more or less). Her best friend is vampire Dick Cheney–, no, not this one:

Vampire dick cheney

It’s just an unfortunate coincidence. The Half Moon Hollow Dick walks that line between sexy and sleazy, but he’s got a heart of gold…think Daryl Dixon with fangs.

vampire daryl dixon
via Pinterest

But maybe you’re thinking of something not of the fanged persuasion? Half Moon Hollow has you covered. How about a werewolf? (Yeah, we know it doesn’t look like a wolf, but can you blame us? It’s never the wrong time for a Joe Manganiello photo.)


via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Whatever you choose, Half Moon Hollow will help you find your inspiration! Happy Halloween!