And no, we didn’t misspell that…we’re talking about Blud, as in the amazing series from Delilah S. Dawson! Dawson has created a captivating, dangerous, sexy world inhabited by Bludmen–akin to vampires, but like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Mix in a little Victorian romance, a little steampunk, and you’ve got Sang, a place just slightly askew from our own world…but filled with a dark glamour you won’t be able to resist. Want a tour?


It all starts with Criminy Stain, that fellow on the cover. He’s the Bludman master of a traveling carnival, full of performers almost as strange and fierce as he. Criminy has everything he could wish for, except someone to share his (un)life with him–but that’s nothing a little spell can’t cure. So when a charmed locket magicks hospice nurse Tish from our world into Sang, he’s ready and waiting…but will Tish, a Stranger in a strange dark-mirror land, find a perfect love, or become food for the bludbunnies?

Wicked as she Wants

Tish isn’t the only human who’s ever crossed over to Sang…in fact, there’s one already in Criminy’s carnival. Casper Sterling was a talented musician in Tish’s world, but over here? He’s Mozart and the Beatles all rolled into one. But he’s also getting hooked on the Blud he uses to protect himself from his toothy friends, and it’s becoming a problem. Enter Ahnastasia, Blud Princess of Freesia–abducted and left for dead after her family was overthrown, she’d just as soon eat Casper as talk to him…but she needs his help. And pretty soon, they’ll discover that they need each other.

wicked after midnight

Sang is a globe a bit like ours–there’s a Sangland instead of England, Freesia instead of Russia, and in Wicked After Midnight, we travel to Franchia, land of absinthe, can can girls, and every sort of debauchery you could desire. Carnival contortionist Demi longs for adventure, and her little traveling show isn’t cutting it anymore. When a friend is kidnapped on the road to Paris, Demi’s determined to save her, with the help of a friendly brigand named Vale. She goes undercover in a cabaret show and soon finds herself the toast of the Parisian underworld! But will fame help her find her friend…or lead her down the same dangerous road?


Madam Morpho Peculiar Pets Daggerman

Even with all these shenanigans, Criminy’s carnival must go on, and it tends to pick up lost souls, misfits and outlaws along the way. Each of these Blud novellas gives you another taste of Dawson’s amazing world-building along with a toothy little love story you’ll devour (bwah ha ha).

Wicked Ever After

And finally, we come back to this fine fellow at the heart of our series: Criminy and Tish found love in Wicked as They Come, but readers of that book will know they still had some unfinished business. Dawson has delivered a perfect Halloween treat for Blud fans–the final resolution of Criminy and Tish’s story, along with delicious cameos from all the other bludmen, Strangers, daimons and carnivalleros we’ve come to love along the way.

Go ahead, pick up a Blud book. You can practically hear Criminy whisper in your ear, “Step right up, love…if you dare!”