Join author Kristi Charish as she gets ready for New York Comic Con!


My debut novel, Owl and the Japanese Circus, about an archaeology graduate student turned international antiquities thief, who despite her best efforts can’t escape the supernatural underworld, came out in January, and now the second book in the series, Owl and the City of Angels, came out this past Monday (Oct 5th) as I was writing this post.

It is kind of crazy–I’ve gone from scientist, to aspiring writer, to debut writer, to sophomore author with seven books under contract. All in the span of two years. At the very least it’s been a wild ride.

And new things–so many new things, including getting ready for NYCC this week! As excited as I am, I won’t lie: there have been some panic-inducing moments along the way.

Thursday Oct 1st

9:00 am (PST): Have hotel, have flights booked, have passport not expired yet… Check Facebook (first mistake). See that other authors I follow who are going to Comic Con have posted pictures of their panelist badges decorated with The Walking Dead… pre-coffee brain starts to churn. I don’t have a badge yet…Should I be getting a badge?

9:20 am (PST): Post coffee, go to NYCC website and determine that: A) All Panelists who are getting badges should have them by Oct 1st, and B) to get a badge you have to be registered by the 4th of September. No badge, no entry. Period.

10:00am (PST): Run downstairs to check mail. No badge is wedged inside. Early panic sets in… Was I supposed to register myself? Did my publisher? What happens if I don’t have a badge??

10:10am (PST): Begin to draft email to my editor inquiring about whether I missed registering myself.

10:30 am (PST): Takes twenty minutes to edit out the panicked parts. Send email and go back to packing, all the while trying to come up with ways to infiltrate the Con without a panelist badge… maybe I can convince someone in security to walk me to my event??? Beg another panelist to borrow their badge??

Friday Oct 2nd

9:00 am (PST): Get up and check email. No word from publisher yet. Drink coffee, convinced they are fuming that I’ve been so irresponsible as to forget to register myself for New York Comic Con after they’ve gone to all the trouble of getting me on a panel…

10:00 am (PST): Hopefully check mail, closing my eyes as I open the box. No badge.

1:00 pm (PST): Convinced I will need to steal badge from unsuspecting panelist… Will have to find what bar they are hanging out at Wednesday night… Check email to see if publisher has sent me message not to bother coming anymore…

1:05 pm (PST): Read email from publisher. They had in fact registered me for the convention and have my badge. Will give it to me Wednesday/Thursday. Panic dissipates. I didn’t screw up…

1:07 pm (PST): Check Twitter. See that NYT bestselling Canadian author Kelley Armstrong had a delay crossing the border because going to a SFF convention sounded suspicious to some agent or other…

1:08 pm (PST): New panic begins to set in…


[Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more updates from Kristi after she (presumably) makes it safely to NYCC 2015 and back home again. If no update is forthcoming in a week, consider calling the Canadian or U.S. Border Patrol and seeing if they are in possession of a now-grumpy SFF writer.]