With Just One Lie (her third book in the Just One Night series) recently hitting shelves, we asked mega-talented New York Times bestseller (and all-around fun person) Kyra Davis to give us her dreamcast for the powerful hero of the first book in the series, Just One Night.

And as you’ll see, it was a good call. As a Hollywood insider, she not only gives informed opinions about the *merits* of several leading actors, but some original photographs of them as well!

When Just One Night was optioned for television the first thing everyone wanted to know was, who would play Robert Dade?? If you haven’t met Mr. Dade yet, he’s the renegade alpha billionaire with a sculpted athletic build and salt and pepper hair. He’s a man who is just as comfortable in a Target T-shirt as he is in $600 jeans, owns a luxury car and a dirt bike, and will stop at nothing to elevate and protect the woman he loves, Kasie Fitzgerald.

Who are the actors who could comfortably step into those shoes?

Personally I try to refrain from offering my own opinions on the subject. I want whoever takes the part to know that he has my whole support and isn’t a second choice in any way shape or form. Plus my husband works in the industry, so I personally know some of these actors and therefore need to extricate myself from the process to a degree.

Anson Mount B&WBut I can certainly tell you who my readers would like to see play him, starting with Anson Mount, the lead of AMC’s Hell On Wheels. His current cowboy persona has him looking a little scruffy these days, but it makes perfect sense to me that so many readers would see the Mr. Dade that’s hiding beneath the long hair and beard. It’s not just the chiseled features and icy blue eyes, but the nerves of steal as well. I mean this last season he literally rode his horse past an actual approaching twister without hesitation or complaint. (Hell On Wheel fans, that tornado in the background of the last season finale was not CGI).

Shirtless SkarsgardI’ve also had people suggest Alexander Skarsgård. I see no evidence that Alex has a single salty hair on his head. But if we’ve learned anything at all True Blood, it’s that he can definitely pull off the attitude and has more sex appeal in his little finger than most men have in total. Here he is in my husband’s film, Straw Dogs. They actually had to reshoot the scene with his shirt on because Kate Bosworth pointed out that the mere sight of him in such a state of undress might distract audiences from the dialogue. I see her point . . . but how could anyone bring themselves to cover that up!

Peter Facinelli at MalbecLastly, many readers have suggested Peter Facinelli of Twilight, Nurse Jackie and, soon, Super Girl fame. Peter would also have to reach for the grey dye to get the salt-n-pepper thing going, and it would be a departure from the heroic, kind-hearted characters he’s known for. (Or, in the case of Nurse Jackie, the jolly lecherous doctor). But he’s an incredibly good-looking man and one hell of an actor—and so fun to hang out with! I know he’d knock the role out of the park.

So those are some of the choices that have been proposed to me so far. How about you? Who would you choose? Let us know in the Comments below!