The ladies of XOXO talk about Time Travel and a modern day couple who’s choosing to live in Victorian times!

Here are some great one-liners from this episode’s “When Gabriel,” brought to you by Abby and friend, Barbara Poelle:

  • “When Gabriel reminded me that I had no rights as a woman, I allowed him to strike me about the face and shoulders, as I realized I cannot dial 911”

  • “When Gabriel took a mistress, I began hoarding pennies to pay for our block ice while he spent his paycheck on custom-designed muslin lingerie for that trollop. If only women of my era were permitted to work!”

  • “When Gabriel announced that to truly understand the time one of us had to have smallpox I eagerly agreed”

Lauren interviews New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison and discuss her new novel: The Drafter, the first in The Peri Reed Chronicles.  Fun fact: Kim loves to knit and gave us detailed instructions on how to make a knitted dragon!  You can get to know Peri Reed in a short e-novella Sideswiped!












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The ladies wrap up by playing Would You Rather! Let us know if the comments section if you would rather:

  • Medieval London or Regency London?
  • 50 years ago or 50 years in the future?
  • Dentistry in the Middle Ages or Minor Surgery during the Renaissance?

This episode is a 3 Balls of Fire Episode.  Remember, the best conversations happen after dark!