Following Her

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Have you discovered Melody Anne yet? Her romances blend the family fun of a small-town story with the glamour and sex (yes, we said it) of a perfect billionaire-hero story…and right now, we’re loving her Unexpected Heroes series! Centered around three Montana men raised as foster brothers by a kindly patriarch, the series is spun off from her very popular Anderson family books.

To celebrate the publication of her latest e-novella, “Following Her” (out right now! only $1.99!), we’re offering you a little glimpse of it, just to whet your…appetites. When you’re done reading about bodyguard Axel and beautiful but stubborn Ella, skip to the bottom of this post to enter our giveaway–you could win Her Unexpected Hero and Her Hometown Hero, the first two books in Melody’s series!

The scene: Ella has a stalker, and bodyguard Axel is testing the security measures he installed, at the request of Ella’s brother…

Axel was hooked on the woman, and he knew it wasn’t a wise move. He’d made a promise to his friend to protect her, and if he was focused on chasing after her, then he wasn’t doing a good enough job of keeping her safe. It was just that the woman was witty, strong, determined, and on top of that, had a smoking-hot body. What wasn’t there to like about her?

Normally there was no way anyone could ever sneak up on Axel. It was his job to know his environment at all times. Maybe it was the fact that he’d been off the job a couple of weeks, maybe it was the fact that he was feeling guilty over sneaking around a young woman’s house. Whatever the reason, Axel’s guard was down.

One minute he was packing up his stuff to leave and the next he heard a rush of air as something came at him. He only had time to lift a hand, which didn’t help much as solid wood hit the side of his head and stars exploded behind his eyes. Though dazed, he heard a step, and knew the person swinging was coming in for another blow. Reaching out, Axel found a leg and tugged hard, tumbling the person. He was moving much slower than usual, but he managed to shake off the buzzing in his head and tackle the bat-wielding villain when a piercing scream nearly shattered his eardrums.

“Shut up!” he thundered as he tried to focus on the person struggling beneath him.

His attacker tensed, and they each recognized the other at the same time. “What in the hell are you doing out here in my shrubs in the middle of the night, Axel?”

Ella’s stunned voice left Axel eternally grateful he hadn’t thrown a punch first and asked questions later. He would’ve jumped off a bridge if he’d hurt her.

“Bryson wanted me to check out the security system, make sure you were using it and that the smart criminals couldn’t break in. I was just finishing when you decided to clobber me,” he explained, still holding her beneath him.

“And why am I supposed to believe you?” she snapped as she struggled, having no success at all in getting away from him.

“Your cousin, who is so worried about you, sure as hell trusts me.” He scowled at her. He didn’t like his integrity being questioned.

“Well, maybe you’re both morons!”

With the moonlight their only illumination, they glared at each other while lying in the middle of her shrubs in the cold fall night. When the silence stretched around them, Axel quickly realized he was lying on top of her, and she was barely clothed.

“You can get off me now,” she finally said, her voice breathless, her pulse beginning to rise beneath his fingers, which were still gripping her wrists. This wasn’t such a bad place to be after all.

“I’m comfortable,” he replied, easing his head down slightly so not much more than air was flowing between their mouths.

Her breathing grew heavier, and her eyelids drooped the slightest bit—just enough to let him know that their current situation was having an effect on her. Hell, his body was revving to go. The neighbors were asleep. No one would notice if the two of them removed her barely-there clothes and he plunged inside her heat.

“Well, I’m not comfortable and it’s cold out here,” she panted.

“I can warm you up, Ella,” he said, giving her a look that left no doubt he was about to kiss her. There was no way he’d make it through the rest of the night if he didn’t have a taste of her. Leaning down, he brushed his lips across hers, just a whisper of skin against skin, a warning of what was to come. If she truly didn’t want it, now was her time to tell him to go to hell.

She said nothing.

Her breathing slowed, her eyes closed, and her pulse accelerated even more.

“I’m not waiting any longer.” That was her only warning before his mouth claimed hers, instantly branding her, letting her feel his unmitigated hunger.

 Desire unlike anything he could remember feeling shot through him, his body already hard, solidified to the point of pain. Releasing her hands, he cradled her head in one palm so he could angle it just where he wanted, while the other moved down the soft curve of her waist and gripped her lusciously firm backside. His tongue sought entrance into her mouth, and when she opened to him, a shudder passed through him while he pressed his arousal into her, wishing there was nothing blocking him from sinking deep inside her.

She responded by wrapping her freed hands around his neck and tugging him closer, her own lips seductively moving across his mouth, her body pushing upward, seeking what he was offering. This wasn’t a tentative first kiss. This was a kiss of lovers who knew each other intimately, and he was ready to take her right there, not caring where they were or who was around.

This much hunger couldn’t be denied.

He knew he was almost past the point of no return, knew he could have her right here and now, but he wouldn’t do it without her permission. Yes, her body was saying she wanted him, but he wanted to hear her say the words.

“Let’s go inside, Ella. Let me please you,” he said before moving his lips down the side of her neck and sucking the skin above her pounding pulse.

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