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In Luck Be a Lady, Meredith Duran offers a quick-witted and enchanting tale that not only proves opposites attract, but that sometimes you find what you are looking for in the most unlikely of places.

It is no secret that I love a historical romance. The way in which the characters interact, the intrigue that creeps into the stories, and the ability to be transported to a different time are all the reasons why I flip through the pages. So for me, finding a new author in this genre is like finding gold at a garage sale. Having never read Meredith Duran before, I didn’t know what I would get. However as the story of Catherine Everleigh and Nicholas O’Shea unfolded before me, I was hooked.

What will you get in Luck be a Lady? How about a book that will weave together sexiness, double-dealing, and the world of art/antiques in an auction house. Not enough? Then travel with me back in time, when a woman would not be able to run her family’s company without being married even though she was better at the job than her brother. This is the unfortunate situation that Catherine Everleigh faces. She is left with little choice than to turn to a man that is less than respectable. Nick O’Shea is a crime lord and his rakish charms are both infuriating and oddly alluring to Catherine. The two are married in secret and have vowed to keep it that way in order to blackmail Catherine’s brother into giving t9781476741390hem what they want. As their story progresses, their relationship will develop into something that neither of them thought it could. However, there are questions that will present themselves. Will Catherine be able to keep Nick at arm’s length? Will she give into his charms and allow him to melt her “Ice Queen” heart? More importantly, will Peter, Catherine’s brother, get what he deserves?

I will be honest with you, for me, a historical romance has a lot to live up to. I have devoured books by Julia Quinn and Eloisa James for so many years that it takes more than some bodice ripping to capture my attention. I know it is a lot to live up to, but you know what? Meredith Duran did. I loved the intrigue, backroom politics, and the classism presented in this book right along there with a healthy does of sexy. The eloquence that the author brings to the pages of this story allows all the elements to come together in a seamless package. I was expecting a cute, historical romance and what I got was something that captivated me to the last page.

All I can tell you all is that I will definitely be adding Meredith Duran to my author’s to watch list…and you should too.

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