Winnie the Pooh said it best: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones can certainly relate—she hates saying goodbye to series and characters she’s grown attached to. But, she also has a great perspective on all that she gets to experience through both her characters and her readers. Keep reading to find out what Lisa Renee Jones finds most comforting after saying goodbye!

Goodbyes are never fun. Quite often it’s an emotional upheaval. As silly as this may sound, I get a similar gut-wrenching feeling every time I say goodbye to characters of mine. I’ve heard many readers say they hate parting with characters/series, and as an author I fully understand that sentiment. On the upside, while we do have to say goodbye, we get a revival of the characters when our readers finally get to read the book we’ve finished. But then comes another goodbye. Such is the beauty of books, though, that you can always visit your favorite characters again.

My latest goodbye came with penning “The End” on Liam and Amy’s story from The Secret Life of Amy Bensen. This series has been part of my career for a few years now, and I have grown so incredibly attached. When I sat down to write the finale, Unbroken, it was a tough pill to swallow: To give my characters the happily ever after they craved, and the one my readers did as well. I make a habit of saying goodbye for now, not goodbye forever. I never say never to returning to a series so it’s difficult to come up with a temporary finality.

I truly believe each of my characters has a lifetime left to live. Several months after I turned Unbroken in to my publisher, it’s now reaching the hands of my readers, and to be honest I’m jealous. They get to experience the sweet, steamy and dangerous final moments of Liam and Amy’s journey for the first time and it leaves me wanting so badly to write more for these two. However, it’s more rewarding to hear my readers’ reactions to “The End” than I can say. So, I invite the readers who love these two as much as I do to bid a farewell to Amy and Liam. I will say they deserve the ending they got after the hell I put them through!

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