sexy motorcycle manThe lazy days of summer are tailor-made for fantasy, no? That’s what we love about romance–there’s a fantasy for every taste, and plenty to choose from no matter what your type. Summertime leads our imaginations to outdoorsy pursuits–maybe you’re hiking with a cargo-shorted hottie, or floating in a rowboat watching your Prince Charming’s biceps flex with every stroke of the oars. Or maybe you’re one of the many readers who like their outdoor fun with a little more…leather.

That’s right, we’re talking biker boys! What is it about these most alpha of alphas that gets our hearts revving like a Harley? Even has noticed the trend: in their article, “The Allure of the Biker Guy,” they give us plenty of reasons to take one of these bad boys for a spin. Among them, of course, is that a man on a bike says “fearless” and “spontaneous”–the perfect mix of fun and danger to be had. And, as one woman in the article suggests, “Of course I have to search for a guy with a bike–who else is going to keep up with me on my 2001 Yamaha V-Star?”

Fortunately, there are plenty of biker heroes to choose from on your bookstore shelves. We’ve rounded up a gang of likely recruits here–share your own favorites in the comments!

Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, Chantal Fernando

Chantal Fernando is working on the slightly lighter side of the biker spectrum–her fans often point out that even though there’s plenty of darkness in the WDMC, readers are just as likely to find a laugh or two, usually when Fernando’s strong-willed heroines take their heroes down a peg! The series starts with DRAGON’S LAIR, featuring club VP Sin and good-girl law student Faye; next we meet tortured Arrow and saucy Anna in ARROW’S HELL; and the third in the series is TRACKER’S END, starring easygoing Tracker and shy (or maybe not so much?) Lana.

WDMC Wind Dragons



Chaos MC, Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is a series-writing machine! You may already know her for her Dream Man series, of which the Chaos series is a spinoff, or for one of her many non-MC books…either way, you know you’re getting sexy romance of the best kind! She loves a good girl-meets-bad boy story, and so do we…but we also love that in the opening novel, OWN THE WIND, heroine Tabby is part of the MC family right from the start. We’re showing you the first three in the series, but #4 is coming out this October, so there’s plenty more Chaos to be had!

Kristen Ashley chaos


Reapers MCJoanna Wylde

If dark and erotic is your bag, than the Reapers MC may be just what you need! Joanna Wylde’s not afraid to let her bad boys stay dark, and from the very beginning of this series, she’s not playing around. REAPER’S PROPERTY gives heroine Marie a tough choice: will she become Horse’s woman to save her brother? (Is this the MC version of the marriage of convenience plot?) Wylde seems to love backing her characters into corners just to see how far they’ll go–will you go along for the ride?

Joanna Wylde




We’ve just scratched the surface (but never the chrome!) with this list–other MC writers you might enjoy include Pepper Winters, Bella Jewel, and Madeline Sheehan. No matter which MC you fall in love with, it seems like these fierce fighters are here to stay.