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What’s in a name? A lot, especially when dealing with books! Book titles have the hugely important job of capturing potential readers’ attentions and pulling them in right off the bat. That’s hard work! So how does an author end up choosing the perfect title? Luckily we have author Amy E. Reichert here today on the XOXO blog to tell us! Keep reading and be sure to pick up a copy of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, on sale now from Gallery Books!

By the time a book appears in a reader’s hands, it’s shiny and new. Readers don’t see the ten different cover versions, the eight different drafts that included a crazy uncle who got cut, or the fifty different titles. THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE had its share of changes, too. During its evolution, it had four distinct and separate titles. Let’s look at the logic.


This was the very first title. In fact, I came up with the title before I wrote the book. It’s a phrase we hear a lot in Milwaukee, and I knew from the start I wanted Milwaukee to play a major role. For those not familiar with living near a large body of water, it can radically drop the air temperature up to a few miles inland. I loved the double meaning that things were also more cool/awesome near the lake, as that fit nicely with the themes of the book. During my first writing workshop, several people commented that it didn’t reflect the tone or content of the book as well as it could. They were right.


At the above-mentioned writing conference, a fellow attendee came up with THE CAKE EFFECT. It accomplished the nod to Wisconsin weather I loved about Cooler Near the Lake, but took it a step further with the play on words (“lake effect” is another common weather term, but it also includes crazy snow storms). I still love this title. This is the one I used all during the query and submission process. Alas, once Gallery bought it, the thought was we could do better. And they were right.


This was a short-lived title, but much loved. Ultimately, it was deemed too similar to cozy mystery titles. This is where having people who know the industry working with you pays off. Once again, they were right. But I did put an homage to this brief but much loved title in the book – I name a restaurant A Simple Twist. So now you know where that came from.


Looking back on the emails, we had a long discussion about how many syllables was the right number and our initial thoughts were this was too long of a title. We were wrong. After playing with the XXX of XXX construction, we finally settled on THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE (after my ridiculous suggestions of The Coup d’etat of Coconut Cake and The Crustiness of Coconut Cake). It’s alliterative, captures the mood of the book, and I can call it C3 or C-cubed for short. Ultimately, we found the perfect title.



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