Gronk coverWhether you’re a football fan or not, it’s likely that you know and love The Gronk. Of course, we’re talking about Patriots tight end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, of whom the New York Post has said, “One of the best tight ends the game has ever seen. Off the field, he’s unabashedly the cruise director of the NFL.” His football skills, cheerful nature and yes, great physique all combine to explain why “It’s Good to be Gronk”–which (not so coincidentally) is the name of his new book!

To be frank, XOXOAD doesn’t have a lot of football experience, but we’re very appreciative of tight ends in all their forms…so we thought we’d share a few pics from IGTBTG to show off the many sides of this sexy, silly sports superstar!




Gronk, on the left, holds his new baby brother Glenn. Nice shiner, kiddo!



Sheesh, Gronkowski fam, athletic much? Gronk is in the Maple Leafs jersey



Hanging with pals (and Papa Gronk!) in Miami Beach.



The Gronk is amazing, but still human. Here he’s prepped for his first back surgery–in college!



The Gronk brothers relax before the 2010 draft. (Can you believe those little boys grew into these giants?)



You can’t hide from us, Gronk! We see you!



Need more? How about a photo shoot of Gronk holding a tiny kitten?  (ESPN is going to be surprised by the flood of incoming clicks from XOXO!)

Personal photos courtesy of Diane Gronkowski Walters; cover & back cover photos by Mark DeLong