If you’re like me, your weeks are noticeably more empty these days. Why? Because the little hour-long, nudity-and-violence-filled nugget of happiness that used to give you the energy to get through the week has disappeared. Now that Game of Thrones Season 5 has ended, each Sunday night I am reminded that I have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR to see Daario Naharis’s sculpted tush again. So what’s a GOT fan to do?

Luckily, I stumbled upon this amazing list of GOT-themed products. Who needs Monday morning water cooler episode recaps when you can have things like these?

1) Adorable Dany + Drogo mugs to warm your coffee (and your heart). They’re microwave and dishwasher safe, although it doesn’t say anything about whether or not the mugs can withstand dragon fire.



2) Drown your sorrows and drink the end-of-the-season pain away, Tyrion-style, with this House Stark flask.




3) This kick-ass Mother of Dragons sweatshirt. Honestly, how cool will you look riding away into the sunset on a dragon walking around wearing this? Again, it doesn’t say anything about the sweatshirt being fireproof, so please don’t hang out in any flames.


Available in Targaryen red, Stark grey, Night’s Watch charcoal, Tully blue and White Walker white.

Ride em, Khaleesi.

4) If you’re still mourning the loss of Jon Snow (read: if you are a human being with a heart), this shirt is perfect for you. His watch may have ended, but you can still defend his honor. Do you think Chris Brown is Team Jon?


5) This tumbler was probably in the goodie bags at the Red Wedding.


Too soon?